Monday, January 23, 2006

Intro, sizing, pattern instructions, panic!

Hey gals -

My Mermaid 4 kit (those beautiful greens and turquoises) just arrived and I have to admit, I'm terrified! I'm a competent intermediate knitter, but this is definitely the most complicated pattern I've attempted - I'm hoping I actually have the skill to read and interpret it. (I'm definitely up for the spreadsheet idea!)

I was thinking I'd do the large - I'm a size 16/38DD - but I've been working out with a trainer and changing shape rapidly as of late, and you're all saying they run large. I'd be gutted if I finished and it didn't fit, either too big or too small. But I'm guessing that this style would be better too loose than too tight. Opinions?

Also, I've never done short rows before - was considering doing something like this for practice ( - what do you think, gals?

I have a snuggly chocolate brown shrug that it'll probably take me a few days to finish, but then I'll get started - eek! Will stop by LYS tonight and try to pick up the European needles.

- Billie in sunny San Francisco, CA

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Marie said...

I think it looks alot better if it's not too big. Besides it is possible to stretch it a bit in the blocking too. I wouldn't worry about the short rows. Just do exactly what the instructions tell you to, and you'll be fine.