Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Mermaiding along


I'm working on Mermaid #1, I've gotten as far as halfway through the first stripe pattern and am about to tackle the gussett, but I have to agree with everyone, the decreasing at the same time as keeping track of the stripes and lack of total stitch counts for each section takes a lot of effort. If I can get the hang of this, I'd love to order another mermaid and possibly a ballerina. Looking forward to seeing more picture progress. I just tried to upload photos through blogger, and its not I may try again later.


Becky said...

Mari, make sure your photos are in a format accepted by blogger. Although it says they can accept BMP, I've had trouble uploading those in the past but usually have more luck with jpgs. Keep trying as we want to see pics!

Mari said...

thanks Becky! it finally went, took a long time though.