Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sizing - measurements?

Hey gals -

I'm still agonizing about the sizing issue (especially since so many of you also-curvy gals are saying how big the large is). Question: can someone who's finished the body pretty please post measurements of the waist and hips of the large, as well as the medium (since the pattern only has bust measurements)? Heck, while I'm asking, I might as well ask for sleeve lengths as well. I'm guessing I'll do large with medium sleeves, but still may do medium - I really want it to fit when I'm finally done!



amy! said...

I second this request! It's part of the reason I'm working on the spreadsheet, so I can calculate this from the total number of rows, etc.

lv2knit said...

I will BE COMPLETELY DONE today! Yes, I am bragging a little bit, sorry. I started it 24 days ago, so I feel very proud.

I measured my Mermaid --
Size large:
Back width at shoulders: 17.5"
Back width at waist: 19.5"
Back width at flared hem: 27.5"

Front width at shoulders: 9"
Front width at waist: 11"
Front width at flared hem: 15"

Sleeve width across widest part: 17"
Length (without my extra length) 23"
Total length of jacket from back of neck to hem: 26" (I added 5 sts to the length and still got 26")

My gauge was extremely close with a 3.25 mm needle.

lv2knit said...

PS -- I charted the pattern onto graph paper so I could follow the decreases/incs, color changes etc. I also graphed out the entire sleeve because of the short rows and increases/decs going on, PLUS I added 15 sts to the length of my sleeve and needed to incorporate them into the short rows.

lv2knit said...

I just blocked my Mermaid and it can definitely be blocked bigger if need be. If size is an issue, adjustments can be made.

Billie said...

Thanks so much, gals. I think I'm going to do the medium and block it larger if I need to. That seems a lot less risky than making a large and trying to shrink it!

I'm finally swatching - hopefully I'll get gauge tonight.