Sunday, January 29, 2006

visit to the frog pond

Well, my lovely progress picture is no more. I ripped it completely out last night. I had just finished the first gusset and decided to do a measurement and found that my length was waaaay to long, in fact it was even bigger than the L, and my row gauge was off far enough that I just decided since i wasn't sure i had gotten all the decreases in that I'd just start over. I had swatched out several months ago, but i somehow suspect that with the pressure of xmas knitting gone that my tensoin has loosened, so we RE swatched this morning and I'm casting back on the i-cord edge right now.


trish said...

Mari, sorry to hear you had a major 'ribbeting' experience, but I'm sure you will be happier in the long run.

I'm still in the swatching mode. I concluded this morning that I need a third swatch. Strange for me I keep going up in needle size, as I think I usually knit loose, and this is telling me I knit tighter than expected, right? Since I am normally am swatch-phobic, maybe I really don't know.

Your experience reminds me 'the gauge swatch is your friend'. Hang in there!

Pagode #1 (glad she is isn't doing gussets like you mermaids)

amy! said...

Ack! Sorry!