Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Body done

I finished up the body the other night and was able to get a picture this morning with some good light. I've got the sleeve started and I'm hoping to have the first sleeve done by this weekend.

I also jumped in and got my own blog running tallgalknits there's more pictures there of the mermaid and my other projects as well. I have more photos of the mermaid to post there later when I get a chance tonight or tomorrow.


Becky said...

Looks great! How's the sizing turning out?

Maus said...

Wow great job! This colorway really looks stunning, you knit fast!

Mari said...

I'm running about 1-1/2" longer than the pattern calls for the medium so 26-1/2" for my length. I upped the needle from a 3 mm to a 3.25 mm for the body. I'm 6" and decided that I wanted to make sure it covered all appropriate areas :-). If I had stayed with the 3 mm it would have been the 25"

Annie said...

It looks great! How exciting to finish the body. You're so close to finishing. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Mari, I am one of the mermaid's with the Hanna knit along. I have a question for you. I am making the Medium size Mermaid. The sleeves are going to be way to long. I figured for my short arms probably around 18 inches would be good.

Would you help me and tell me the dimensions of your sleeves and how many stitches did you cast on to start, if it was different than the pattern.

I am using Amy's spread sheet.

Thanks for your help, Dede