Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fellow Mermaidians!

I have been stalking this knit-a-long and the Mermaid for quite some time and finally ordered it. I am awaiting my delivery of Mermaid 4 which will be my first HF kit. This will also be my first knit-a-long. A big thank you to Sherry for sharing the information on buying the kit at I have ordered items at Cucumberpatch through ebay before, but did not realize I could go directly through their website to save even more money. Great tip! I am finally going to be selfish and knit something just for me!

I do have a question - how is the fit of the jacket for petite sizes? I am concerned that the sleeves and the torso will be too long and have been reading back in the posts and printing out all information on the Mermaid - has anyone attempted to adjust the torso by knitting it shorter?

Also, a question for Amy who posted about trying on the Mermaid on at Stitches West - what booth had it? Do you think they will be at the upcoming during April in Oakland? There will be a market there and it looks like some of the same vendors will be attending. I would love to see it in person!

I am clearing the needles in the next few weeks so that when Mermaid arrives she will receive my full attention - until then, cheers to all for helping to support my addiction. Thanks to the internet, I used to be addicted to knitting and fiber. Now I am addicted to reading blogs and knit-a-longs as well! Thanks for sharing!


sherry said...

Glad to help. saving anything helps. I only found out accidently as I emailed them about the color they didnt have up yet, and in Dan's email, had both sites listed and went and looked.
looking forward to your progress.

Jeannine said...

I purchased #4, too. The colors are beautiful. I just started my i-cord, but I might have to frog already!
Anyway, the booth at Stitches West was Yarn Barn of Kansas. They always have a HUGE booth at Stitches. They have tons of books and lots and lots of actual garments. They had quite a few Hanne items and Vivian Hoxbro, too. I purchased a Hoxbro kit based on seeing it. I probably never would have thought of it unless I had seen it up close. I would contact Yarn Barn and ask them if they will have Hanne items there. If not, ask them to bring them! If they do not have as large a booth, they may only be bringing limited items. Maybe, if they know you are interested, they will bring them.

As for Cucumber Patch, they are great. I just wish I had known about their site before I purchased on E-bay. It was still a great deal, though. I will definitely purchase from them again.

mydogpetey said...

I WAS in the Yarn Barn booth at Stitches West and somehow missed the HK! D'oh! They are not on the list of exhibitors for the April event. I discovered HK after SW - so maybe I just didn't see with all the other yarn porn available. It was so overwhelming!

Jeannine said...

The Hanne's were towards the back of the booth. They were hanging on the wall with lots and lots of other sweaters, all different designers. Lots of Vivian Hoxbro and some Hanne and others. There really was so much there. I wish I would have looked closer at the Hanne stuff. At the time, I thought there was no way I would attempt one, so I didn't pay too much attention.

amy! said...

The Yarn Barn Mermaid was in the fashion show. It wasn't in the booth on Friday when I was first looking for it. It was there on Saturday which is when I got to try it on.