Monday, March 13, 2006

Need help deciding which one

Hi -

I have been looking at the Hanne Falkenberg kits for quite some time and am having a tough time deciding on one. The ones calling the loudest are Cordelia, Pagoda, and Lastrada. I have read here (and heard from others) that the yarn is very scratchy. Would any of you have chosen to not make a HF if you had known how scratchy the yarn was in the kit?

I am enjoying seeing the photographs and reading about everything that is in progress. This looks like a fun group!



Maus said...

Hi Peggy,
I just started working on Lastrada and love it. Rather then thinking that the yarn was scratchy, I was shocked how thin it was ;) The scratchyness most likely will go away after the first wash, usually these wools bloom and become soft once they have been washed. Since most of them are jackets or something one would wear over something else, its not such an issue. It feels as if any garmet from this wool, thin as it may be, will be very warm, that's what I'm aiming for.

Holly in CT said...

The Hanne Kits are more like jackets or outer sweaters not meant to be worn directly aagainst the skin. The scratchyness is not a real issue. I do have visions of someday making a kit in Silky Wool which is a much softer yarn. I made the DeCapo and when washed it softened up considerably.

Patty in AZ said...

I have been told by a friend that has completed three kits that they really soften when they are washed.