Friday, March 17, 2006


Hi all

Thought I should step up and introduce myself. This knitalong is a first for me - both in terms of even discovering knitalongs exist(!) and also joining one. I've been knitting for over 20 years in the UK but have no friends that knit - unless ones I have taught. Hence this forum is proving really helpful, already having been a great source of help to me with my mermaid. You can feel a bit dumb at times trying to 'translate' a pattern by yourself and so it's really good to find others in the same boat. I'm also having to get to grips with all the acronyms - KAL, LYS etc It's almost another language!

Anyway - I'm gradually changing all my metal needles for bamboo ones as I find them much smoother to use (and my cat HATES the sound of metal needles). So I purchased Addis circular bamboo for this project, however the wool does catch on the bamboo-cord join. Is this normal? My tension is fine so I am pretty sure it's not because I'm knitting too tight. Is this experience just a 'feature' of circular bamboo needles?? - or can anyone recomend a different brand/solution as it's slowing (my already slow) knitting up...

Happy knitting folks!


Jeannine said...

Hi Amanda!

Welcome. It is surprising that there are not more knitters where you are. I always think of the U.K. as being a place where most people knit. I have read that there are lots more people in the U.S. learning to knit these days compared to any other area.

As for needles, I use Addi Turbo. The noise of the Addis does not bother me, but I cannot use regular metal, because I hate the scraping sound. I have never used Addi bamboo, but I do like Crystal Palace bamboo. Of the bamboo needles I have tried, they seem to be the smoothest. There is a new wood circular that is supposed to be very smooth. They are by Lantern Moon. I am very anxious to try them out. I like their straight needles. Very smooth, but I prefer circulars. They are very new, so they might not be available too many places, but you could check online and order that way. I am hoping to find some very soon.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...

I bought Addi bamboo circulars last week and I've found that the yarn catches slightly on the join also. thanks, Jeannine for the Crystal bamboo tip. I'm swatching the yarn on straights now but realize that I should be using the needles that I'm actually going to use to knit the sweater. (Duh!)
I just joined this knitalong and have found all of the advice so valuable already. Thanks, Everyone! I'm looking forward to this adventure.

Annie said...

What you described with your bamboo needles is exactly why I don't like using them- the yarn catches on the join. I only have the Addi bamboo needles, so maybe others don't do the same thing.

Good luck & welcome.