Thursday, March 09, 2006

Short rows/YO - Mermaid

I've seen about a thousand different "directions" for YO, and nearly that many for wrapping short rows. And I seem to remember reading somewhere that Hanne suggested not "wrapping" them at all. All I know is that mine have gotten all muddled up the first try here.

Can someone explain, pretty please, which short row wrap/YO method we're using here? Is it the same as this one: ?



lisa said...

It's really easy NO WRAPPING, just YO. I'm almost done with my Mermaid on second sleeve-YEA!

Becky said...

This is not the same method as shown in the Knitty pattern. Just follow Hanne's instructions and you should be fine - it's similar concept in that you either wrap or YO when you are building the short rows and then you knit that extra stitch together with the regular stitch as you finish the short rowing.

Billie said...

Wasn't that easy for me, but after finishing the gusset the first time, finding it full of big holes, and ripping it out, I've got it now. Thanks gals!

lv2knit said...

You don't really do a yarnover -- you simply leave the yarn at the back of the work, turn the work (the yarn will now be in front) and then start knitting, making sure the yarn wraps around the needle. A new st will be created. When you come back to that point, you knit up to the YO and then knit the next st and the YO together. It closes the hole.