Friday, April 07, 2006

Dreaming of next kit...

I'm just loving my Mermaid - it's giving me the chance to practice lots of knitting skills I rarely use and also to acquire some new ones.

But my periods of day dreaming about her other kits are becoming longer and I realise that I'm hooked and would like another. So I'm saving my pennies up and trying to decide on which it will be.

I had been thinking of (and I'll try not to make the list too long!) Cordelia, Diva or Promenade. How to choose! I'm only small so wondered if Cordelia would dwarf me (has anyone made it?) and is Promenade too 'simple' a pattern after the learning and skills needed for Mermaid? I'd also thought of Tokyo, I'm not sure about the colourways though - does anyone know what stitch it is knit in?

I see that many of you have bought kits from Cucumberpatch, the company I used in the UK who were very helpful, had cheap prices and a good range were
I can't believe some of the prices people charge in the US!! It seems to make a change that a product is actually cheaper in the UK than the US!!

Any help in choosing my next challenge would be much appreciated!



Arja said...

I vote for Diva. First, because I would enjoy having a fellow Diva knitter on this forum, there's far too few of us. Second, Diva is soooo different from Mermaid and you really need something different. Third - Diva is gorgeous!!!

sherry said...

Well, my vote is for Cordelia :-) though they are all beautiful!!!

lisa said...

I second Diva, maybe then I would start mine! Not too selfish. If you're small I think it would look best on you.

strikkeforsker said...

I know Diva is on the small side, not sure about the others.
This site has the sizes listed with measurements:
Chose UK flag, shop, knitting, designers, Hanne Falkenberg - and their prices are comparable to the UK sites.