Thursday, April 27, 2006

Matching ends on Mermaid

Hi. I'm Ros and am just about to start Mermaid. Amy has kindly sent her pdf across to me (thanks Amy) and I am adapting it for the larger size. I'm confused by one of the instructions in Hanne's pattern to keep the shoulder edges matching the hem edge. I amy have missed it in Amy's spreadsheet but I'm not clear how you do this and for how many rows. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks. Ros

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amy! said...

Ros --

You mean the instruction that says "work edge-sts along the shoulder similar to the edge along the lower edge of the Jacket"?

That means you need the two sts of stockinette one stitch in from the edge. This is accomplished in a solid color section by knitting across on the right side and by "k1, sl2wyif, k" on the wrong side. It ends up giving you one stockinette stitch for every ridge (2 rows) of garter.

For the stripe section, you want the stockinette to all be in color A, so you always slip color B behind the A stitches (with respect to the right side) and you K2 with color A on the right side for the color A stripe and your P2 with color A on the wrong side to cover the B stripe.

It's on my spreadsheet if you look at it with that understanding.