Monday, May 29, 2006

Mermaid Progress

After taking some time to start, here is my progress after a couple of weeks. I'm knitting size medium on 3mm addis turbos (and using Amy's wonderful spreadsheet - with 3 small children in tow, I couldn't have ever kept on track with this knit otherwise - now it's quick knitting and I always know where I'm up to).

My gauge is a little tighter, 27sts x 53-54 rows but I'm happy with that as I normally would have knitted the small (given the feedback that Hanne's patterns are generous and finished knit tends to grow when blocking) and with the slightly tighter tension, sts are even and uniform and the size is slightly smaller overall. I also knitted the initial i-cord on 3.5mm bamboos but kept it a bit loose to avoid the tightening/curling many people had mentioned occurred.

That brings me to my concern, see photo of yarn. I'm past the halfway mark and I'm only on the 1st ball (of 2) of each the sandmix for stripes and the dove (blue) for gussets. On ball 2 of ivory. Am a little concerned why I'm not churning up the yarn as fast as others. I don't think the gauge would account for that much difference. Would welcome any feedback if anyone else's knit is working out similar with quantity.

Also, many thanks Frances for your speedy feedback - it was very helpful. If you do run out of yarn and cannot source any from Hanne direct, there should be a fellow knitalong member who may have some leftover and would come to the aid of any Mermaid SOS - many people are knitting #9.


Becky said...

Bronwyn, I am about 4 rows behind you and have used the exact same amount of yarn. I feel like I've barely made an indentation on my gusset color and am still working on ball one of the stripe color. I am on ball 2 of the main color. I am also making a medium.

Of course, one thing I noticed when unpacking my kit was that it seemed like the balls of yarn were different sizes - so perhaps some people started with a smaller ball of a contrast color and have a larger ball left over and others perhaps the opposite.

amy! said...

I think the sizes of the balls of yarn is somewhat random. Supposedly the total weight is the same, but I've also noticed that the yarn is a lot thinner on one of my colors. I have plenty to finish, though, so I'm not worried.

bronwyn said...

Thanks Becky and Amy for the feedback - it's reinstated my confidence. I was about to panic as I thought I had done something wrong somewhere! I also noticed that the balls all seemed to be slightly different sizes (I have a Tweedie kit too and checked it - the same inconsistency in ball size!) I agreed, in the end as long as it's the right total weight it'll all work out!

I also thought the blue yarn for the gusset was finer than the sandmix and ivory used in the main garment.

Looking forward to seeing some finished Mermaids soon.

Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Wow! Your mermaid is beautiful! If I could wear those colors well, I would have chosen that kit.

The balls of yarn do seem random; in looking back at the pictures others took of their kits, I noticed the balls are all different. We'll just all keep our fingers crossed.

Keep us posted.

ilvpons said...

I made two of the mermaids in size large and both times I had yarn left over. Don't worry guys, enough yarn!!

Ana said...

I rewound one of the balls and it measured 232 yards but I never even thought that the balls are different sizes. But I'm trusting in the knitting angels and am sure I'll have enough wool.

Happy Knitting,