Thursday, May 11, 2006


I am having a lot of trouble following the instructions for Milano. I'm hoping that someone else has done this sweater and can help. The horizontal measurements come out right - that is, the stitch counts seem to be correct. But the verticals are definitely off. The instructions as given do not result in the right shapes or lengths. Can anyone help? Thanks

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tenizmom said...

Sorry can't help, but I encourage EVERYONE who is displeased with HF instructions to voice their displeasure by emailing HF. I sent an email two weeks ago and have not received a response. I can't believe that for the price of the kits the patterns couldn't be printed on higher quality cardstock with schematics and more detailed instructions. Others have voiced the same concern and I think the more HF hears this we may enact a change. I love her designs except for this fact.