Saturday, July 15, 2006

New Ballerina Knitter

Hello all. I'm new to the knitalong. I've just acquired the Ballerina Kit #14, and I plan to start very soon. Two questions first.
1. I've swatched and it looks like I'll be using a size 1 needle. Gulp! Has anyone else had to use one this small? Did it send you over the edge?
2. For those that have knit Ballerina already, is there anything I should know in advance, to save me lots of grief later on?

I was introduced to this sweater at a trunk show at my LYS. I tried it on, and it was instant love. It has to be to consider a whole sweater in a size 1 needle! Thanks for any tips and hints you all can offer.


Ana said...

I used a size 3 needle but I knit very tight. You must knit very loose to get the gauge on a size 1.

My size 3 needle worked just perfect, if you scroll down you'll see my finished Ballerina.

Emily said...

Hi -- I'm a pretty loose knitter,and I'm doing the Ballerina on size 1 also. I usually end up using a size or two smaller than what a pattern recommends and they ususally come out OK! It's slow going on the tiny needles but I think it will be worth it!

Becky said...

I have fairly recently finished Ballerina and it was a challenging knit, but actually very enjoyable. What I would say is take care with the sleeves - I think the pattern suggests that you might like to add 13 ridges to be bottom of your sleeve as a cuff, mine only needed 3 ridges and even then it could have done without them - the sleeve length is generous to say the least - just something to look out for - oh and make sure you wash and dry flat the cardy before you try to do the edgings - it grows a lot !