Friday, July 14, 2006

New Mermaid Knitter

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm starting on a Mermaid sweater in the #5 colorway (Black/Cypress/Kingfisher). I'm working through pretty well (started last night). I read back on the previous mermaid entries and based on that, started with a provisional cast on (after I figured out how to start a provisional cast on) instead of with an i-cord. My only drawback on this kit so far are the instructions (which is a big drawback). I feel sometimes as I read it as though my eyes go cross-eyed. I do have a question re: the pattern. If anyone can help me, I'd really appreciate it. In the instructions on pg.2 it says to decrease 1 stitch on the collar. Does that mean a k2tog on the two slipped stitches? Or a k2tog before those? Thanks for any help.

My miniscule progress so far:


amy! said...

Sarah -- you might find my row-by-row instruction spreadsheet helpful. I deal with where to put things like those decreases. You want to keep the slipped stitches on the top and bottom edges pristine and do all the shaping before them. The bottom gives you a very nice hem. The top gives you a detail along the shoulders (and provides a convenient place for the seaming.

If you want my spreadsheet, look for a new post with the request details. I haven't talked about it for a while and I should.

Ana said...

I'm skipping the shoulder "detail" I found that the seam becomes too "thick". Just my experience. I'm doing the decreases and increases right at the very edge.