Sunday, July 02, 2006

Starting a Diva

Hello! my name is Daniella and I purchased a Diva #9 from the wonderful
Cucumberpatch UK. I chose a crazy colorway, Tomato and Fuschia.
I considered the black and white one, but went for eccentric. I inverted the color scheme, by mistake, and the collar is going to be tomato as oposed to fuschia. When I emailed Ms Falkenberg my question about the color scheme, she graciously answered that she was giving the costumer choice in color scheme, but the pattern was not clear about this. Never mind, I am reconciled to a red collar.
I am in awe of all of your knits, keep up the good work!


Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Looks great so far. I think you made the right decision to go with a cool colorway. Keep us up to date with your progress.

Ellen said...

I can't wait to see it finished!! Love your color choice :)

Arja said...

Yay, another Diva! I'm about to start the solid parts, almost done with all the stipes.

d-c said...

thank you ladies :) now if Arja
reads this, please post a picure of
the completed stripe sequence! it's
taking me so long to get through, but it is fun. And Frances I hope the wool you ordered matches the rest!

Arja said...

here's a link to my yahoo web album. you'll find pictures of diva in progress.

Denise/CT said...

Thanks for the picture of the "smile". I love the colorway!