Friday, August 25, 2006

Finished my Mermaid

I finished my Mermaid a couple of days ago but it is so hard to take a good picture of it. I have only a pic of middy quality without me.

I'm quite happy how the jacket came out:
Size is perfect, just the lenght could be 1" more - but I'm quite confident that the Mermaid will grow. I knitted with the number of stitches for size M and the numbers of rows from size L, sleeves 5 stitches shorter than size M.
Summarized to the kit I can say:
  • the material is of bad quality (related to the prize!)
  • the pattern is written quite lousy - I miss at least some numbers in the schematic drawing
  • Amy's sheet is great and helps a lot!
  • knitting was fun and thrilling (will the size come out correctly?!)
  • I learnt a lot - this i-cord edging is really great!
  • I will knit one more Mermaid, using sock yarn or Alpaca yarn.
And I have plenty of yarn left. If Somebody is in need of the leftovers just let me know, send me an email (black: more than 2oz, petrol 1.5 oz, grey0.8 oz).

In general I like the architectonical knitting style of Hanne Falkenberg. I already knitted a baby sweater this week (comparable to "Ludo"), no pic from this because it wasn't enough yarn and I had to rib it. One of my next projects will be a "Ludo" for me knitted from a wonderful Fleece Artist yarn combined with Alpaca yarn.... this will be a lieghtweight, soft dream.


Merete said...

Your Mermaid is beautiful. Congratulations. And I agree with your comments about the kit!

Frances Goodman فرانسيس said...

Really beautiful, and I too agree about the kit.

BeanMama said...

Well done and gorgeous! I love that colorway.

angela said...

Thanks for the comments..... and the colourway was my husband's decision. I had really really problems to choose one of the colorways.

Tvini said...

Absolutely lovely. If I may be so bold, if you're not interested in knitting another Mermaid, would you be willing to sell or trade for your pattern? This would be a perfect gift for a friend who did me a wonderful favor.

My stash is very diverse, from lace-weight to Koigu to Noro, and of course I'm glad to pay cash.

Again, beautiful job!

Sarah said...

Lovely! I hope mine turns out as well.

I would be very interested in the extra yarn, and happy to do trade or pay.. sarah at techbrat dot com. :)