Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mermaid No. 5

I'm new to the knitting community of Hanne Falkenberg fellows - hello to the knitters from Germany!
I've fallen in love immediately when I've seen "Mermaid" for the first time. I've got a mermaid kit as a birthday present from my husband, he decided the colourway 5 would be the best for me. And I'm really happy with this.
Well. I started with gauge. Several swatches. And finally I realized I will not meet the recommended gauge with no changes in needle size. I have more rows to 4" instead of the necessary 50 I have about 55. What to do? I started calculating a lot and figured out that it might be the possible to knit the stitches for size M and to follow the rows for size L. I think the pattern is written really lousy. It is not easy to follow and I'm think of me to be kind of an experienced knitter.... For my calculating it was hard that there're no measures attached to the cutaway. I can't thank enough Amy for this great spreadsheet to follow the knitting.
Well, than I decided to give my newly calculated pattern a try and started. I hate to knit long i-cords. So I decided to use the great tool I have for this. It is called "knitting mill" in German if anybody is interested in more details about this just send me a short mail (angela[at]bestrickendes[dot]de). The i-dord you can produce with this tool within minutes is nicely and stitches are all of the same size.
I had a bit trouble with the black yarn. It was such thin sometimes that it has broken a couple of times.
Well, summarized: I'm really happy with my Mermaid and hopefuly it will fit.... And I'm almost done with the body part of the jacket. I'm afraid that knitting the sleeves will be more boring and will take more time at all.Mermaid is definitely not easy to knit but it's a pleasure!


sherry said...

Angela, that is a beautiful color, and looks great. I keep putting mine of, even w/ Amy's spreadsheet, it scares me.

HPNY Knits said...

this is great. I also have color-way 5, but have not started yet fro all the reasons you mentioned. your work inspires me to go ahead and try!

Ana said...

Angela, I love those colors!

You know I tried that iCord knitter but the gauge for me was off, I finally bit the bullet and knitted it by hand.

Next time though I will add it after, just do a provisional cast on and sew it on for me that seems easier. Hope you post pictures of the finished product.

angela said...

thankyou all....

for the kind comments.
Well - sewing the i-cord at the end??? This scares me a lot!
i'm close to the end now and I'm not sure how to proceed....