Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Member Knitting Ballerina

Hi, everyone - I am new to this KAL and am ready to start knitting Hanne's Ballerina in color 13. After reading through the pattern, I immediately see the benefit of having a spreadsheet for Ballerina. Before I begin re-inventing the wheel by starting my own spreadsheet, do any of you other Ballerina knitters have a spreadsheet that you would be willing to share?


Ana said...

I've wanted to do one but have not had the time, if you do one please share!

Amy's spreadsheet for the Mermaid is wonderful and the Ballerina would knit up so much easier if we had a spreadsheet.

Do let us know.

amy! said...

Okay, so maybe this is where I should admit that I thought making the spreadsheet was kind of fun, and well, maybe I might have fun making the spreadsheet for Ballerina too. However, I am not knitting this one, nor do I plan to. So, I'm happy to do the work if someone shared the pattern so that I could chart it out.

E-mail me if you want to work something out.