Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pagode problem-already. :(

This is my first Hanne Falkenberg sweater. I consider myself to be an experienced knitter but I've barely begun and I'm already stuck.

I've cast on my 402 stitches for a medium sweater (that took a couple of trys...apparently I can't count) and managed to produce my 9 ridges with decrease and have ended up with 370 stitches just like the pattern says. So far so good.

I don't understand what's next...the pattern says "work until first 2 rows of 1 ridge of colour a have been completed (see diagram)." Am I supposed to do another 2 rows or am I suppose to start the color diagram which should be color E?

The pattern also says "continue dec in corners and at the same time shape underarm seam." The little star is quite a way up the chart from where I am now. I assume that I'm supposed to carry on and start the underarm when I get to that row on the chart...right?

thanks in advance for any words of wisdom you can send my way....(encouragement would also be gratefully accepted)

Jessica in Sunny Southern California

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Anonymous said...


I'm knitting a Pagode for the second time and am also an experienced knitter. I've learned to not be afraid of starting over because the directions are confusing.
Concerning your question: After the 9 ridges are done, you are now supposed to go to the diagram. In the diagram each box equals one row. There are two boxes on each line and thus each line equals a ridge. (This explanation makes more sense to me than the one given in the instructions.)
So, now you are going to do 2 rows (or one ridge) of Color E. Then, keep going up the diagram, until you get to the star. While you're going up the diagram, keep decreasing at the corners, as established (4 stitches decreased every right side row). The star is the point "where the first 2 rows of the wide stripe in color A have been completed." Also, at the star is where you start following her instructions for shaping the underarm by casting off on right side rows.
Hope this helps.
Jan B.