Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm making Mermaid 4. While Becky was on vacation this summer I started my mermaid and was asking about sizing. The lack of dimensions on the pattern was a disadvantage to me! I settled on making a medium so the sleeves wouldn't droop past my shoulders more than it ought to. Dispite my larger bust and middle which ought to be a large.

My decision was based on another blogger's diagram measurements in large size. I wish I had taken down the measurements better to keep on my pattern. This would be helpful done in each size if anyone has done this! Another helpful thing was to write how many increases every how many rows right onto the diagram on the section where it happens, once I could figure it out. This helps when she says "reverse shaping" instead of giving directions for the second half.

What I did to add some more rows to the pattern without disturbing the look was to add an extra ridge to the front gussets that go all the way up. Also the back center was a good place to add some ridges without making a difference to the pattern design. It didn't make a difference when I sewed the collar to the back to ease it a little farther than it was intended to be.

I'm up to the sleeves, and it's beautiful to gaze at! Love the colors, not necessarily the yarn. While I'm knitting away, see my progress on my link "What's Natalie Doing Now" on the left side of my website: . So far I'm up to about 2 months of knitting! Whew! It needs to get done now, so I can wear it, before it gets too cold to use it without a coat! The weather is about right for the next month or 2 before Winter.


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