Thursday, October 26, 2006

Another Mermaid finished!

I started mid July and finished Mid October. My Mermaid is finally done and fits great! For a while the photo will be up on my "What's Natalie Doing Now" link on the right side of the page. Then after January it will be up in one of the gallery's.

I added some extra rows to make the medium wider. I'm short and wide. Usually I wear a USA "petite" size large. This worked well for me just putting in more blue rows in the back and one extra on either side of the front pieces. Large would have fit me width wise, but then would have been too big in other places like droopy shoulders. So how I made my Mermaid wider didn't effect any pieces going together properly, and worked out perfectly.

Well worth the time! Not sure I'd do it again, though! The stacked directions and reversing the directions, and no diagram dimensions anoyed me!


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trudefaith said...

i took a look at your finished mermaid and thought it came out beautiful. i am also short and wide and have to modify everything i make to fit. you did a great job on yours.