Tuesday, November 28, 2006


I have finsihed DaCapo (bought by Ribbels in Leiden, the Netherlands) and now I'm starting with the pattern Ballerina.
I have the pattern from a friend and I'm using wool from the garnstudio drops Apalca. (in two colours).


Arja said...

hey, are you another Dutch knitter? were you at the SnB-dag in Rotterdam a few weeks ago? I tried on Mermaid there and got convinced that is my new project after I finish Diva!

Barbara said...

Yes, I'm a dutch Knitter, and I like patchwork quilting weaving.
I didn't go to the SnB day because there was a weaving Day

nyproducer said...

Hi -- I am struggling through my first HK project -- the dacapo jacket -- and am baffled -- would love some insights --