Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Tardy Hello

How does a project get to be a year behind schedule? One day at a time.
--Fred Brooks

My name is Patricia, I live in Florida and I signed up with Becky almost at the beginning of this Knitalong. I am very tardy in introducing myself and my project, DaCapo.

My kit, from Denmark, arrived mid autumn 2005 and it sat there looking pretty in its sparse packaging for a few months before I worked up the courage to begin. This is my first grand project. I have since cast on and barring a few mistakes the jacket is looking pretty good. I am knitting the larger size with the shorter sleeves. I hope that it will not be too big. I had read another’s post somewhere in cyberspace that the jacket runs on the large side. The suggestion was made to wash and slightly felt to achieve a better fit. I shudder at this prospect. As I knit, I hope that I chose correctly and am not making a jacket that will hang in my closet unworn. I’m sure this is every knitter’s nightmare.
I am almost finished with the back. It has been slow going, what with the small needle size and the many other projects on ones needles. So far I am enjoying the process and hope to finish in time for the next Florida cold snap.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Let Me Just Say ......

...... before I say anything else at all - that I am a pregnant woman and this pregnancy seems to have seriously addled my brain. So that out of the way - I re-measured the back of my Ballerina and it is only actually 3cms short of what is should be not 20cm short !!!!!! so all is well again - I am happy to pick up that lovely Ballerina of mine and give her a shot at being completed - I was getting very worried indeed about having to find 20cm from somewhere - happily it was only pregnancy brain - hooray for hormones !

So, here is a picture of my Ballerina so far for all to enjoy.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Ballerina Worries

Hello everyone - I have just joined your knitalong. I am so impressed by what you are all doing, your knits are looking gorgeous. I am currently knitting Ballerina in colourway six (I think that's right, it's blue and turquoise anyway!). I am knitting this for my Mum for her Birthday and Christmas so it's really important to me that it works out right.

So, my gauge seems to be just fine, but when I measured the back length it seems to be about 20cms short ! Will this all come out in the blocking or has something gone horribly wrong do you think ? I know it says in the pattern that the drape won't come out until it's been washed and blocked but is it really going to gain 20cm ? I'm quite worried because I have put a lot of work into this and if it doesn't fit her, it's going to be a disaster - also I'm over half way and really don't want to undo it if I can help it. Any thoughts anyone ?

Anyway - I'll post a picture of my progress so far when I've got a minute.

Happy knitting everyone.

Becky x

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Yet another Spreadsheet Update

Denise found an error in the last update. I've sent out version 1.70 to everyone on my distribution list. If you didn't get it, send me an e-mail.

There's just 3 tiny fixes that I'll list here. If you just want to scribble them on your printout, that's probably easiest.

Row 58 should be like Row 54
Row 204 should be like Row 208
Row 572 should be like Row 576

That's all folks!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I-Cord Again

Has anyone had experience sewing on I-Cord after the project is finished? Is this viable option?
Or knitting it on after completion as described on ChicKnits? Any caveats?
Thanks everyone!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Mermaid Spreadsheet Update!

I've updated the Mermaid spreadsheet yet again. This time to update the error that Amanda pointed out. I've sent it out to all 61 (!) people who have requested it so far. I have a couple of more people in the queue, waiting for them to answer the challenge question. If you've received it from me before, check your e-mail for the update. Or ask me to send it again.

If you are knitting Mermaid, I have made a row-by-row spreadsheet of the knitting instructions for size medium. I'm happy to send it to you in either Excel or PDF formats with the understanding that it may contain errors. Those of us knitting from it have found a few already. To get the spreadsheet, send me an e-mail requesting it. I'll respond with a challenge question based on the pattern to verify that you own the kit.

Friday, March 17, 2006


My Mermaid arrived yesterday. I'm a little intimidated by it.

*red faced*

Many, many thanks to Amanda in the UK! She pointed out an error in my Mermaid spreadsheet. Something that I either skipped over entirely or completely misinterpreted. Who knows.

The shoulder edge after the collar is supposed to match the hem edge. Hints of that crop up in the gusset treatment at the shoulder and at the back of the neck. I don't know why I missed it.

For those of you who already have my spreadsheet, I apologize. I sent an e-mail earlier explaining the problem. First thing tomorrow morning, I'll work on correcting it and send out an update. You need to decide whether to keep working on it as you have been or whether to redo it.

If you've asked for the spreadsheet, understandably, I'm not going to send it out before I correct it.

I'd like to say that this error was because I hadn't test-knit it myself, but I'm well past that point in the spreadsheet and was just flying right along. I'm not sure what I'm going to do at this point myself. I may frog it all as penance.

Mermaid has arrived

Hi - My Mermaid kit arrived from Cucumber Patch this week, so I thought I'd introduce myself now that I actually have a kit, although I'm not planning to start Mermaid until the fall. We'll see if I can resist temptation that long!

Pictures of Mermaid's arrival on my blog, Stumbling Over Chaos.

Looking forward to seeing everyone's kit progress!



Hi all

Thought I should step up and introduce myself. This knitalong is a first for me - both in terms of even discovering knitalongs exist(!) and also joining one. I've been knitting for over 20 years in the UK but have no friends that knit - unless ones I have taught. Hence this forum is proving really helpful, already having been a great source of help to me with my mermaid. You can feel a bit dumb at times trying to 'translate' a pattern by yourself and so it's really good to find others in the same boat. I'm also having to get to grips with all the acronyms - KAL, LYS etc It's almost another language!

Anyway - I'm gradually changing all my metal needles for bamboo ones as I find them much smoother to use (and my cat HATES the sound of metal needles). So I purchased Addis circular bamboo for this project, however the wool does catch on the bamboo-cord join. Is this normal? My tension is fine so I am pretty sure it's not because I'm knitting too tight. Is this experience just a 'feature' of circular bamboo needles?? - or can anyone recomend a different brand/solution as it's slowing (my already slow) knitting up...

Happy knitting folks!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Color switch/ends?

Hey gals of all Hanne-Kits -

Question: how are you doing your color switches (in the rows where you're not carrying the other color)? Are you leaving ends to work in later, or are you doing a russian join or something? I'm curious as to how others are handling this. Thanks!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Knitting Mermaid 4? I need your help

My kit arrived today but it doesn't seem right. I should have 3 colors to knit with, right? I received 4 blue and 7 balls of green - and one of those is much smaller than all the others. Does this seem right to you that have kit 4? Can anyone tell me how many of each color I should have? It doesn't say it in the instructions, it just says I should have Apple Green, Turquoise and Turquoise Mix - but all the turquoise looks exactly the same and all the green looks exactly the same. I've been comparing what I received to the photo of Mermaid 4 on Hanne's website and the difference should be in the greens, shouldn't it? It's hard to tell. What did you get in your kit?

Another Mermaid

My project is going to be mermaid, in colour 7, like everyone else ;-)
It was a Christmas present from my parents. I have wanted to knit mermaid ever since I saw the kit in my alma mater LYS about 9 months, but decided to finish up some other projects including Great American Aran Afghan first. I started the previous weekend and this is my progress so far.

It is my second Hanne Falkenberg project, but not the last. The first was dacapo in plum, blueberry and black, purchased from Sommerfuglen, Denmark. Pictures can be seen here (scroll down to mid Feb). The strange language is Danish, yep I am from the land of thousands knitting designers ;-) but live on Long Island, NY for now.
Delightful Diva
I have just ordered Diva #7 and am frantically finishing my other projects to clear the decks!
I cannot say how happy I am to have found a knit along for these designs! Great Idea!
I also have Jazz that was given to me a long while ago and is still waiting patiently for me to battle my pattern shock. I am hoping Diva (which currently inspires me more) will be my kick-in-the-pants.
Happy Knitting

Monday, March 13, 2006

Need help deciding which one

Hi -

I have been looking at the Hanne Falkenberg kits for quite some time and am having a tough time deciding on one. The ones calling the loudest are Cordelia, Pagoda, and Lastrada. I have read here (and heard from others) that the yarn is very scratchy. Would any of you have chosen to not make a HF if you had known how scratchy the yarn was in the kit?

I am enjoying seeing the photographs and reading about everything that is in progress. This looks like a fun group!


Sunday, March 12, 2006

I need encouragement

Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong
My kit came yesterday!!!!! I had ordered colorway #4 and was NOT disappointed. the colors are sooooooo beautiful!! the apple green is darker than what I thought, but since this is for the fall, that is fine. But reading through the directions, I am SOOOOO intimated. My first thought was, I have to sell this, there is NO way i will be able to do this..But emailed Amy for the word spreadsheet, and really want to do this.Good thing we don't have an ending date as this may take me a year!!! so glad I found this knitalong. I just keep going looking at the beautiful colors of that yarn.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Fellow Mermaidians!

I have been stalking this knit-a-long and the Mermaid for quite some time and finally ordered it. I am awaiting my delivery of Mermaid 4 which will be my first HF kit. This will also be my first knit-a-long. A big thank you to Sherry for sharing the information on buying the kit at I have ordered items at Cucumberpatch through ebay before, but did not realize I could go directly through their website to save even more money. Great tip! I am finally going to be selfish and knit something just for me!

I do have a question - how is the fit of the jacket for petite sizes? I am concerned that the sleeves and the torso will be too long and have been reading back in the posts and printing out all information on the Mermaid - has anyone attempted to adjust the torso by knitting it shorter?

Also, a question for Amy who posted about trying on the Mermaid on at Stitches West - what booth had it? Do you think they will be at the upcoming during April in Oakland? There will be a market there and it looks like some of the same vendors will be attending. I would love to see it in person!

I am clearing the needles in the next few weeks so that when Mermaid arrives she will receive my full attention - until then, cheers to all for helping to support my addiction. Thanks to the internet, I used to be addicted to knitting and fiber. Now I am addicted to reading blogs and knit-a-longs as well! Thanks for sharing!

Yet another new member

Ordered my Mermaid #10 kit 2 nights ago in a fit of weakness and it has already been shipped. I'm a little intimidated. Big sweater, little needles but am so pleased there's a KAL to keep me inspired!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Just started and I already need help!

I just started Mermaid tonight. I knitted the i-cord. 29 inches long. Okay. So far, so good.

Now...picking up stitches. This may sound stupid, but from where do I pick up the stitches. The side of the i-cord? The back? I want to do this correctly. I know I will probably frogging a lot during this whole Mermaid process, but I am trying to cut down on making unecessary mistakes. Can someone explain? I am sure it is simple, but I want to make sure.

Thank you!!!

Another new member

Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself to the group. My name is Pam, I have always wanted to knit the Mermaid but could not aford the $200 + price tag. I was glad to read on your site about Cucumber Patch. I went there this morning and ordered my kit. I will be back for more information from the group when I have received my kit. Thanks already for the hint about where to buy.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Just about to start....

Mermaid! I'm still finishing up another sweater, but I figure I can do both at the same time. I did purchase my size 4 double pointed needles and I tried to buy size 2 circulars, but they only had 24 inch length, so I am going to try to find them tomorrow. I really want to start this weekend. Did everyone use size 2 circulars and 4 double points or are other sizes being used? I guess I need to do a gauge swatch, but just curious what everyone ended up with.

Short rows/YO - Mermaid

I've seen about a thousand different "directions" for YO, and nearly that many for wrapping short rows. And I seem to remember reading somewhere that Hanne suggested not "wrapping" them at all. All I know is that mine have gotten all muddled up the first try here.

Can someone explain, pretty please, which short row wrap/YO method we're using here? Is it the same as this one: ?


Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Hi, I'm a new member here too. My name is Arja, I live in the Netherlands. I have just purchased the Diva 10 kit and am trying to be good and finish up a few other things before I start on this new project. Is anyone else knitting Diva? I was lucky enough to find her in a yarn shop here. I tried her on and decided it is perfect for me.

Today is the perfect day to stay home and knit, but alas ... I shall have to dig up my rain coat and cycle to work in a minute. In the meantime, feel free to take a look at my blog. You might have a language problem, but there's enough pics to enjoy.


Monday, March 06, 2006

Another New Joinee and Mermaid Devotee

Just a quick note to say hi. My name is Bronwyn and I've just joined the knitalong with two lovely Hanne kits in my stash. Mermaid in Colourway #1, and Tweedie in Colourway #1. They've been sitting very patiently waiting to be knitted since July last year so as we've just headed into Autumn down here (Australia), it may be still warm but I aim to have them knitted for this Winter.

Many thanks to Amy for the fabulous spreadsheet - it makes starting Mermaid appear a far easier task. I'm going to start the sleeves first (just to be different) as they are a bit more portable and allows me time to finish up some UFO's - Laines Du Nord 'Olive' Ribbed Zip Cardi; Noro York jacket in Silk Garden #201, and the Rebecca Wrap Cardi in GGH Soft Kid.

Promise to post some Mermaid progress info and photos soon. Regards, Bronwyn

Sunday, March 05, 2006

just joined

Hi, my name is sherry,(yarnfanatic) on the KR boards, and I just joined. Got my mermaid kit ordered, color # 4, and it should be here by the end of the week.BTW, got it from cucumber patch, and if you order it directly from their shop ,it is even cheaper, 99$ plus shipping.
I went thru and checked everyone's blog out, wonderful pictures, got me very inspired.Till I visited 2 lys, and talked to them about it, (they know me)so just gave me this "look" so now I am petrified. LOL. But will tackle it, hope I am able to do this and happy to be part of this group.
I also have a blog,


Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Body done

I finished up the body the other night and was able to get a picture this morning with some good light. I've got the sleeve started and I'm hoping to have the first sleeve done by this weekend.

I also jumped in and got my own blog running tallgalknits there's more pictures there of the mermaid and my other projects as well. I have more photos of the mermaid to post there later when I get a chance tonight or tomorrow.