Monday, December 24, 2007

Has anyone tried Gloria?

I assume this design is fairly new. It looks really nice. Has anyone tried it yet? How does it compare in terms of instruction clarity with, say, Mermaid? How does it fit on non-goddess-shaped people?

Happy holidays to everyone - I hope you all got the kits you were hoping for :-)


JudiP said...

I'm just starting Gloria (on approx row 56). If you're on Ravelry, check out FairyGodKnitter's project. She's finished Gloria, and has shared these corrections to the pattern for sz. M/L:

For M/L size: After row 12 in beginning of back, increases are on each end of the row C's for T stripes 4 to 7. The way it is written (translated) leads you to only work one increase.

There is an error in the increase row of section 24 It should read:4 increases before 1st MT and 6 (7) increases before MB the second half is correct.

26th Stripe: after MT. inc1 k13 - 13times, k to MB, K19,* inc1 k13* until 2nd MT

28th Stripe: after MB knit 90 not 88 before increases

pattyp said...

I'm on row 67, doing size small. What I have learned is to definitely not to knit while under the influence when doing a HF design. The directions are difficult enough when you are sober. Ended up pulling our 20 rows!!!. Does anyone else have a problem with accidently picking up those end stitches by the inside chain stitch by mistake? I had gotten to the row where you start to increase or decrease fo rhte shoulder and found I was 3 stitches short, Here my needle was picking up the next stitch and doing a decrease by mistake. Ok, so I had one beer, was in the mood for one, but won't do that again while I am knitting! So now I count every stitch after every row to make sure the count is right and you know it still happens. Better to rip out one than 20.

Frances said...

I recently purchased the Gloria kit and so far have done approximately half of the pattern as a spreadsheet.

Am I right in thinking that the neck shaping does not have a line of chain sts inside the outermost stitch? I would be grateful if someone would, please, help me. Many thanks.

Jill said...

I am still trying to do a gauge swatch...I've gone up 2 needle sizes and it's still too tight. Did anyone else have this issue?

pattyp said...

I am making the Gloria in size small. Though I am tall, I am small boned, you can call me a petite with long legs. I tried the M/L on in the wool shop and I swam in it so I made the small. My measuremnts as stated for the small come out exact, but after making the body I find it too small to my liking. I would have liked the "skirt"a bit longer. Since this is my first and haven't washed it yet, PLEASE tell me I can stretch it to make it a bit longer. My guage was exactly as stated. Instead of a flowing jacket I have a form fitting coat and I am a size 2 on a good day. The back fits perfect, I've yet to make the sleeves. Thanks