Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yarn coming for Studio short

Well, I've finally ordered yarn (New England Shetland) from Harrisburg Designs for my Studio short sweater. Originally ordered some Brown Sheep Cotton from JK Needles and it never arrived! I went with a teal blue and a dark green. Sure hope it will look o.k. as I imagine it will take awhile to knit the sweater. Am looking forward to sharing my progress with you all. Guess it will probably take a couple of weeks to get the yarn. Can't wait to get started!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Can't Wait to Become a Mermaid

I have lusted after this sweater for a very long time. I am bound and determined to start my sweater the first of the year. Your sweaters are beautiful and I look forward to posting pics of progress and continuing to be awed by all yours.


Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong

Is there a spreadsheet fot the Mermaid and the Ballerina?


I have finsihed DaCapo (bought by Ribbels in Leiden, the Netherlands) and now I'm starting with the pattern Ballerina.
I have the pattern from a friend and I'm using wool from the garnstudio drops Apalca. (in two colours).

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mermaid #3

I started Mermaid Number 3 today. I hope it will be loved and worn! I'm doing the sleeves first, so hopefully I don't get hit so terribly by the second sleeve syndrome. Anything to fool myself, eh?

I'm still thinking on the collar, as it flattens out instead of staying rolled over. Tacking it down in a few places? Ideas anyone? I don't seem to be the only one with this problem, as several pictures show. I've also wondered about making it wider.

Saturday, November 25, 2006


boo hoo, I just ripped an entire Diva sleeve because I had misread the pattern. I feel so stupid, the sleeve is probably the most simple part of this project. grmbl.

Progress on Pagode

I have been continuing to (mindlessly) knit on Pagode in colorway #1. I have completed the second front/sleeve, and am getting close to a third-of-the-way done on the back. So far, I think I will have enough yarn of all colors, but am planning to do the pocket linings with whatever is left if the navy blue runs out.

More pictures on my blog,

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mermaid #2

This one is DONE! Well, I need to wait until the clasps get here to sew them on, but otherwise, I'm calling it done. Less than a month from start to finish.

Yesterday was NOT a good day for my brain. I realized that I not only will be short of the lighter blue for Kim's sweater, I can't figure out if I have enough natural (cream) for her sweater either! You see, when I purchased the 2 cones of yarn, they were totaled into one lump sum of 23.2 ounces on the sales receipt. I didn't weigh to see how much each one weighed before I started knitting. As far as I know, Brown Sheep Naturespun doesn't come on any size other than 1 pound cones. I do know there was more of the natural than the winter blue. The problem also comes in that I can't get the totals to match what I started with, what I used, and what I have left (this is where it makes my head hurt!)

My scale here at home says the sweater weighs 1.3 pounds, which is about 20.8 ounces. I know I used at the most 4.5 ounces of the dark blue (that one is easy to figure out, 2 complete 1.75 ounce skeins, and a little bit of the next.) That leaves 16.3 ounces left for the light blue and cream. The kicker? I have 11.6 ounces of the coned yarn left. Do you see my problem here? It does not compute. According to that, I would have purchased about 28 ounces originally. I've no clue. Perhaps my scale isn't as accurate as I think? New batteries?

So, how much yarn do I actually NEED for the sweater? How the heck would I know!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

I finally finished

I completed Mermaid last week, and I'm very happy with it! My sleeves turned out a little strange--I may have misread the instructions because they weren't symmetrical. But I was able to hide that in the seaming. Otherwise no big mishaps, it just took me a while to get going on this.

mermaid side

More pictures and notes are on my blog.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Mermaid Sleeve Variation

Instead of garter stitch with one slipped stitch at the bottom of the sleeves, I decided to make the edge of the sleeves match the bottom of the jacket. Here is what it looks like, I think it is dressier than the one Ms. Falkenberg calls for.

I've also stopped making the 3 stitch slip stitch edge at the top of the jacket and sleeves. Instead, I've been slipping the last stitch on the wrong side with yarn in front. I think slipping a stitch every other row makes a stronger edge for the shoulders.

Friday, November 10, 2006

More Diva

So, the left side is finished.
Maybe I will have to have a short break from Diva, since I have a lot of different projects, that should be done by Christmas.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Mermaid with Curry accents

Here is my first Mermaid. It is #10 with Curry or greenish gold. I used the provisional cast-on and the applied i-cord technique. Amy's spreadsheet was very helpful. This project was three months of enjoyable knitting. I appreciate all of the compliments I received while shopping at the Market during Stitches East on Saturday. There were sample Mermaids at one booth: #6 Greys and Dusty Rose plus #9 Coral, Orange, and Tomato. Tempting...