Saturday, November 25, 2006

Progress on Pagode

I have been continuing to (mindlessly) knit on Pagode in colorway #1. I have completed the second front/sleeve, and am getting close to a third-of-the-way done on the back. So far, I think I will have enough yarn of all colors, but am planning to do the pocket linings with whatever is left if the navy blue runs out.

More pictures on my blog,


Ana said...

Wow that looks terrific, way to go!

How long did it take to get this far?

fiberfanatic said...

That is going to be a beautiful jacket!

trish said...

Thanks for the comments--I've probably been actively knitting on it for 2 months, but that has been spread over 11 months elapsed time (you know how that is...:)


Murdo said...

Your Pagode was one of the reasons I bought mine :o) I notice your Pagode seems lighter than the colourway 1 photo on Habnnes webpage (or is it my eyes). Which picture do you think is the closest match? (Accepting monitor differences etc)
Look forward to watching your progress and trying to do as good a job!