Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Can't Wait to Become a Mermaid

I have lusted after this sweater for a very long time. I am bound and determined to start my sweater the first of the year. Your sweaters are beautiful and I look forward to posting pics of progress and continuing to be awed by all yours.



Anonymous said...

hello my name is chloe
i have a few questions.

1.have u ever been or seen a mermaid?

2.do u know how to make me a mermaid?

thank you

Anonymous said...

hiumm i really want to become a mermaid please tell me how plzzzz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

will u plzzz tel me how to be a mermaid i tried a spell yesterday and i said:to wear a peice of jewelry and say magic spirits of the deep I would like a tail no two feet beuty upon me fish all kinds let me see when I am finished in the sea when im dry let my feet return to me.
1.But do not say it when u r dry
2. there maybe some sacrafices though and ur feet may start to feel funny if i is goin to work.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is rebecca and i REALLY WANT TO BECOME A MERMAID. when i turned 2 i had this HUGE obsetion about mermaids and ever since i have wanted to become 1!!!!!!!!!!!! PPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEE TELL ME HOW TO BECOME ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Well my names Ocean & i'm a mermaid. Alot of you all want to become a mermaid, but i will warn you now, there are times when you just want to be normal like everybody else again. Being a mermaid is hard to control and although you can live a normal life and go out with your friends you have to be really cautious around water. You can't go to pool parties, you can't go swimming, you cant go to family barbeques incase they throw you in the pool. Its not all fun and games, its hard work, but if you really think you can handle it, i'll tell you exactly how to be a mermaid like me. I don't know if you've seen the show H2O:Just add water? All i can say is its a load of rubbish. Its nothing at all like being a real mermaid. You don't have powers, you just grow tails when you touch water. And the tails are blue & purple, not orange! Well it all started nearly a year ago now. I went to the beach with my friends. I was messing around and having a great time, and being the over confident swimmer i used to be, i swam right in the currents, i couldnt see the shore anywhere, but i figured i'd be fine. So i kept swimming and swimming until i was out of breath and tired. I don't know what happened, i just went under and gave up trying to get back. I opened my eyes and saw a pit at the bottom of the sea floor, it was dark and i couldnt see what was in there, but i was dragged up by someone who put me on a boat. I blacked out. I got out of hospital the next day, i was fine, just tired. I couldnt stop thinking about the pit at southsea beach. So i snuck out in the middle of the night and borrowed a snorkle. I swam into the currents again, desperately looking for the pit that i'd seen earlier before. Finally, i came across it and swam down and inside it. I saw the the top of the water so i swam up. I was in a small room, surrounded by water falls and rocks. I climbed out of the water and onto the side. As i took a glance around i saw something engraved on the wall. I dont know what possessed me to do it, but i read it aloud. 'Acuana, revunista, lockenbuf, leavum ..' I cant remember it off by heart. But as i read it aloud the water started to rise until it hit the roof of the pool. It overflowed the sides & all of a sudden there was this bright blue light that blinded me. Then i heard a crack, and the side of the pool opened up and i was dragged into it. Next thing i know, im back on southsea beach. I went home and had a bath at 4:50am where i had the shock of my life. A blue & purple tail had grown where my legs are supposed to be. It vanishes when im dry. I went back to southsea beach and swam down to the pit again. It looked like nothing had happened there. I now think of it as my second home. I go there all the time. I know my way there like the back of my hand. Its just tough being a mermaid on my own. I have to keep it a secret all to myself.

All i can say as a tip is go to southsea beach. Take 11 steps from the edge of the shore so your toes are touching the water and swim straight ahead for 27 seconds. Turn right. Swim for another 78 seconds. Dive under. Swim straight down and you will see the pit. By the way, i'd wear a snorkle until your a mermaid, incase of you drowning. Anyways, carry on swimming down and you will see the pit. Swim inside the pit until you reach the top and climb on the side. Your in a small circular room with waterfalls and rocks and everything. Look at all the walls until you see a wall with an inscription on there. Say the inscription aloud. Its a spell. When you have said the spell you will be blinded by a blue light. You will hear a loud crack and be dragged between 2 walls for about 29 seconds. Go home and take a bath. When your in the bath for 5 seconds you get a stinging pain in your legs, it really hurts at first, but thats only for the first time you change into a mermaid. And thats it. Your a mermaid for life. I hope this helps. And i hope you know what your doing, and i hope you know that theres no turning back.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

what state is southsea beach and thank you 4 the info i hope it works plz my brother wants to know will it work on him 2?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fyi, Southsea Beach is in England, look it up on Google Earth.

Anonymous said...

does this site works? england is too far for me
copy and paste
really try it

Anonymous said...

Go here this is amazing http://www.real-wishes.com

Anonymous said...

I can't find such beach on Google maps

Anonymous said...

Is it in Hampshire?

mermaidfantasy said...

is there another way to become a mermaid?

Anonymous said...

there is another way. recite this spell while whereing a necklace you like in the shower.

Magic spirits of the deep,i would like a tail andnot two feet,
beauity be upon me,fish all
kinds let me see when I'm finished in the sea when I'm dry my feet return to me.

Hope it works 4 u!!! You will end up with powers and a tail of any color- you can't decide the color!!!

Anonymous said...


Tiffani said...

Here is somthing you could try

Mermaid spell

You need
• Bowl
• Rain water
• Food coloring( choose the color that you want your tail to be)
• Ocean / Water scented candles
• A small sea shell
• Wash cloth
1. Fill the bowl with the rain water and put 2 drops of food coloring
2. Put the shell in the middle of the bowl
3. Put the candles around the bowl and light the candles it doesn’t matter how many candles you have
4. Dip the wash cloth in the water with out touching the shell and without splashing
5. Then put the wash cloth over BOTH of your legs
6. Then say the spell 2 times correctly
7. When your done saying the spell ring out the wash cloth back into the bowl with out splashing
8. Then take the shell out of the water and put out the candles with the shell
Here is the spell

A mermaid, mermaid I shall be

Mermaids, mermaids transform me

A mermaid, mermaid clever and cool

I shall transform while in a pool

Out of the water I will have feet

And clean my room nice and neat

As a Christian I don’t believe in black magic

Or else the ending will be tragic

Anonymous said...

ocean is there any esier way of becoming a mermaid

Anonymous said...

i am a mermaid i have powers i love to swim ,i,ll tell you a secret i am the princess of the sea.my name under water is aqua ,but up on ground ,my name is amber.my sister is named cloe.

Anonymous said...

i am a mermaid i have powers i love to swim ,i,ll tell you a secret i am the princess of the sea.my name under water is aqua ,but up on ground ,my name is amber.my sister is named Taylor.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I've found throughout my years obsessed with mermaids that spells don't work. You can't (to the best of my knowlage) phisically become a mermaid, but with a lot of dedication and a little crafting skill, you can make and learn how to use a mermaid tail.

All you need is:
paper (any kind will work)
vynle or wetsuit material
sewing machine

Here's How:
1. tape together lots of paper and using a marker, trace your legs on it down to your anckles. Leave 3.5 inches sewing room. Place the monofin (buyable online or in a scuba store) where your feet would be on the pattern and trace it. Leave 1.5 inches sewing room. Cut out the pattern as a whole.
2. Fold over your fabric and trace your pattern on one side. then cut out both sides as a whole so that they match up. place them with the side you wnt out facing eachouthe and sew around the edges. Hem the waist hole so it won't unravvle in water.
3. Turn your tail rightside out and roll up the monofin to easily push it to the bottom of the tail and do so. Sew elastic onto the inside of the waisthole. Congrats! You have made your tail! Try it on and make adjustments.

Hope I helped! Have fun in your new tail!

Anonymous said...

ummmmm... ive been in love with mermaids pretty much since the day i was born. i would love to be a mermaid like you ocean but i dont live in england. i dont want to use a spell because the bible says to stay away from that, so any non-spells that i can use? i also believe that a mermaid lives in my lake. once when i was five i started to drown. after i was fully under i felt somthing human grab me and pull twords the surface. when i was back on land i looked at the water and out of the corner of my eye i saw her fin go underwater. another time i called out a chant (dont worry, i got grounded for a month) and off shore about 5 yards away i saw her fin. same fin i saw when i was 5. every full moon i get dreams of her reaching out twords me... ive named her Mensumernas, mermish for Moons beauty. i have memorized the mermish laungauge. i my self have even heard her singing. in choir one day i sang so high that every boy looked at me...ONLY the boys! help me. i need ansers. ineed them now.

Anonymous said...

me again (post uwrd 1) last night i had a dream and she was calling my name she siad she was in trouble. I dont know what to do I havent seen her in ages... HELP!!!!

Anonymous said...

how do you learn how to speak mermish? i really wanna no!

Mickey Malarky said...

plz o plz tel me how to becum a mermaid in 1 day

Niki said...

Hi Ocean, well i was considering 2 make a trip 2 southsea beach with my family. i was wondering if u wanted 2 b pen pals...or e-mail pals. Here is my email: n_stavriano@hotmail.com
So, if u have an msn or u can e-mail me. Plus thx 4 the info on how 2 b a mermaid. Its really helpful! Hope 2 talk 2 u soon!

natalie said...

its easy, just put salt water in your tub then drink it gulp,gulp,gulp!

Niki said...

Hey, its Niki again. I was just wondering, if any of u out there r real mermaids and u have MSN, then id really appreciate it if u would add me cuz i got some questions 2 ask. Thx!

Anonymous said...

Hi I am the girl who was the one who was saved by the mermaid. I meorized the langauge because, well, I was on my pier, and I dov ein. She found me, and taught me. Now I have a little fin, and she says that I will be a full mergal on May 24. My b.day. What a great B.day present!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi my name is savannah i'm also 10 years old I am obsesed with becoming a mermaid so can you give me a spell that is easy somthing not to hard so get back to me when you found somthing or if you know how to become 1 so thats all because some times I want to escape and do somethig cool so e-mail me at savannahreyes@hotmail.com so you can tell me how to seriously how to become a mermaid

Anonymous said...

Hello my dear mermaid friends
my name is Baabah and I am a Chaaihoom. I speak Mermish fluently and I would be pleased to help you become a mermaid.

On a misty winter morning when the Taahi was high I went to the nearest ocean and looked for a Shaavoh Feenhoom. I swam towards it like a Chuu-ffeenii and Recited the spell my grand mother taught to me years ago...

Its in mermish , but here is how it goes :
''Tahi mhaawhoo
Hhu~hng mhaawhoo''

I hope this helps you.
Just know that being a mermaid isn't easy and that you will not be able to join in some everyday life activities anymore. (pool parties and such )
If you manage to become a mermaid you must keep the secret it is very important.

Anonymous said...

Hi ocean can you like give me a way to contact u plz

Anonymous said...

Btw my name is mandie

DreaminGirl said...

Hii my name is Renée (some call me Charlie) and i have swimmed almost my whole life and i lovee water! and being a mermaid is just one of my biggest dreams! and yes i do believe in them.
please if u know how to be a mermaid when u touch water then please contact me on hotmail with this :

Xxx Charlie xxX

mrsmermaid said...

iknow how to become a mermaid. have a bath.make up a spell. repeat it 4x and in 3 days youll be a mermaid