Sunday, November 26, 2006

Mermaid #3

I started Mermaid Number 3 today. I hope it will be loved and worn! I'm doing the sleeves first, so hopefully I don't get hit so terribly by the second sleeve syndrome. Anything to fool myself, eh?

I'm still thinking on the collar, as it flattens out instead of staying rolled over. Tacking it down in a few places? Ideas anyone? I don't seem to be the only one with this problem, as several pictures show. I've also wondered about making it wider.


trudefaith said...

what colors are you making this one?? i am also wondering what yarn your using? i love the pictures of your finished mermaids. i have the kit but i have not started yet. i guess i am alittle scared. good luck and happy knitting

fiberfanatic said...

Almost the same colors as the last one but the blues are in a different order and the intended victim wants the sleeves to be in color A: Color A is white, Color B is a steel blue, and Color C is a navy blue.

I'm using Brown Sheep Naturespun Sport.

Get started, follow Amy's spreadsheet, and have fun! Plenty of us here to answer any questions that may arise!

Remember, it is knitting, and any mistakes can be corrected. Not always quickly, but it can be done! Not many things in life offer us a chance to do over without repercussions!

Ana said...

Amy's Spreadsheet is great! It makes this complex project a breeze.