Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mermaid #2

This one is DONE! Well, I need to wait until the clasps get here to sew them on, but otherwise, I'm calling it done. Less than a month from start to finish.

Yesterday was NOT a good day for my brain. I realized that I not only will be short of the lighter blue for Kim's sweater, I can't figure out if I have enough natural (cream) for her sweater either! You see, when I purchased the 2 cones of yarn, they were totaled into one lump sum of 23.2 ounces on the sales receipt. I didn't weigh to see how much each one weighed before I started knitting. As far as I know, Brown Sheep Naturespun doesn't come on any size other than 1 pound cones. I do know there was more of the natural than the winter blue. The problem also comes in that I can't get the totals to match what I started with, what I used, and what I have left (this is where it makes my head hurt!)

My scale here at home says the sweater weighs 1.3 pounds, which is about 20.8 ounces. I know I used at the most 4.5 ounces of the dark blue (that one is easy to figure out, 2 complete 1.75 ounce skeins, and a little bit of the next.) That leaves 16.3 ounces left for the light blue and cream. The kicker? I have 11.6 ounces of the coned yarn left. Do you see my problem here? It does not compute. According to that, I would have purchased about 28 ounces originally. I've no clue. Perhaps my scale isn't as accurate as I think? New batteries?

So, how much yarn do I actually NEED for the sweater? How the heck would I know!


Jasmine said...

There is a tare weight that needs to be subtracted (for the cones -- how much do they weigh? a couple of ounces) to get the same weight that they sold you. At least that explains why the numbers don't add up but it likely doesn't solve your problem

fiberfanatic said...

I took the yarn off the cones to weigh, so I'd have an exact measurement.

HPNY Knits said...

this is wonderful. so inspiring!

Arja said...

Did anyone weigh the yarn after buying the kit and before starting to knit? That info would be helpful to me. Hope this doesn't sound like illegal use of patterns - believe me, it isn't. A friend purchased Mermaid when I bought Diva. We'll be swapping our patterns after we're both done.