Sunday, August 26, 2007

Hanne Refill Kits

Have ya'll heard the news that Hanne has started selling yarn only (refill kits) for those have the pattern and want to do a second jacket? Check out her link
According to my LYS the USA distributor is trying to work out the details for selling the refill kits in the States.

At least you know for certain the yarn will work for the patterns- so far I'm having difficulty finding anything with the same 'crunchy' feeling- everything seems to soft I'm afraid the flare will disappear.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ballerina Yardage

Hi all -- I just received my kit a few days ago, and took a minute to weigh the yarn and do some basic figuring, as I had seen some requests for this info.

My kit is the 2-color S/M or M/L version. All totalled, I have 204 grams (7-1/4 ounces) of the contrast color, and 381 grams (13-1/2 ounces) of the main color.

Using the 2-ply Shetland wool available at Schoolhouse press for weight/yardage comparison, that means I have about 1,000 yards of contrast color and 2,000 yards of main color. Sounds about right.

This is my best guess-timate; hope it is helpful for those of you trying to substitute yarn. I do think the yarn that comes with the kit is fairly scratchy, but I am trying to withhold judgement until I can see the finished product.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Poking my head up (or, where the hell is my spreadsheet?!)

Hi all --

I've spent several weeks away for work with limited internet access, my divorce was finalized, and we sold our house last week. So I've been a little out of it. Not to mention, I'm sort of between permanent houses right now, staying with friends, with no internet access. Horrors!

Checking into my knitting e-mail, I see I have 2200+ messages to sort through, with no small number of spreadsheet requests. So, I'm sorting through all of that today. If you are waiting on me about a spreadsheet for any reason, you should hear from me soon.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Mermaid Body Done

I cannot believe it, but the body of my mermaid is complete! I'm beyond pleased with how it has turned out. The hairclips held it together well enough to try it on for fit and so far it looks good. Now all that is left is putting the shoulder seams and collar together. I then plan on doing an i-cord bindoff all the way around so I don't have the grafting behind the neck on the collar. At least it worked on a swatch and I have a circular needle long enough so what the heck I may as well give it a shot!

I hope to start the sleeves by the end of the week after I put the body together- just need to write out the darn pattern so I can understand it. I can't wait to compare Amy!'s sheet to mine and see how close- or far off I am to the pattern's actual directions. So far it fits so I'm pleased- the sleeves worry me a bit as to the length of arm so that need some tweaking.

Pagode in Frog Pond

I switched the ivory with wheat, so there is a nice contrast with blue and ivory, but the yellow and wheat pretty much blend with each other.

Last night an hour was put in to rip out almost a quarter of a sweater knitted on size 3 needles, and hundreds of stitches were picked up.

I'm going to get my money's worth out of this kit.

Saturday, August 11, 2007


I´ve been asked to post a picture of my Tweedie - so here it is. I knitted it during my summer holiday this year. It took me 3½ week to finish. It was fun knitting it, but it was difficult to keep the different colors apart, as I was knitting. Sometimes it just messed up. First you knit one row in color a, then you push the work to the back and knit one more row from the same side with a new color. And again once more. Then you turn your work and knit one row with all three colors.
This Tweedie is not made in the original yarn.
As you can see at the picture, I have a small yarn store at home.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hello from Denmark

Hello everybody.

I am new to this blog, and like to introduce myself. I am a 35 year old and from Denmark. I have been knitting for a long time on and of. 2½ years ago, I got Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome and started knitting for real. I knitted 8-10 hours a day. I wrote a book about how my stress was eased by knitting and it was published last year.

I have knitted 2 Mermaids, a Diva, a Linus, a Tweedie and have just started my third Mermaid.