Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New blog

I joined this group yesterday and am working on Decapo. I finally got a chance to start my blog. . Please stop by and check out it out. I would love to hear from you. I you would like me to add your blog to my daily reads please post a comment.

  • Veloknitter
  • Mermaid trouble?

    Hey fabulous Hanne-knitters -

    So I've just finished the first stripe sequence and am about to start the first gusset, but am having a sinking feeling that I might have a problem. My work is *very* curved - and seems to be more so than others'.

    It does straighten out relatively well if I stretch it by hand- I think the problem is that my I-cord gauge was tighter than my knitting gauge. So the question: can I fix it either in the blocking or by doing the trick someone mentioned of cutting out the i-cord leaving the color A stitches live and doing an i-cord bind-off? Or is it ok the way it is? Or do I have to frog the whole blasted thing?

    Thanks in advance for your sage advice, gals!

    Monday, February 27, 2006


    Hi!! Shyly stepping up to say hello.

    I bought my first-ever Hanne design from eBay. The Promenade shawl in colorway #5, I believe. I'm terrified, but excited. Of course, I have 2 things on the needles I have to finish, and a vest I've been promising my husband for... oh... coming on 2 years now that must be completed before I can begin. But then... off I go!!

    Has anyone knit this pattern before and have any advice? I was surprised at how kind of bare-bones the pattern was. I think I'll have to do some re-writing and printing in color (all those symbols give me a headache,) so that it's easier to follow.

    Are there errata anywhere, or are her patterns pretty spot-on?

    Thanks everyone, all your mermaids are STUNNING and I am wanting to knit one... but I fell in love with Promenade at Stitches West and heard it calling my name...

    Margo "Beanmama" in California

    Mermaid pattern alteration

    Hello All!

    First, thanks to Amy for the superbly detailed Mermaid spreadsheet and for her generosity in sharing it with us all.

    I just purchased Mermaid #2 and have been avidly reading all your comments, hoping to learn from your experiences and to build up some confidence before starting. I'm a relatively new knitter, although I have sewn since I was a teen, so have some idea of garment construction. My question regarding the pattern has to do with lengthening it. I intend to knit the Small size (to fit 33" chest and 25" waist), but since I am long-waisted I would like the jacket to have a finished length of 25" (which happens to be the length of the Medium; the Small comes to 23 3/4" according to the pattern specifications). My initial thought was to lengthen the bottom by knitting extra stitches near the hem, but Amy pointed out that that could result in extra flaring. So now I am thinking that to keep things from getting too complicated, I would knit the Small and then try to gain the extra 1-2 inches in length during blocking. Does anyone know if this is a reasonable approach? The other idea, if I understand how this garment is knit, would be to cast on the 181 stitches as for the Medium (vs. 171 for Small), but to knit all the rows per the Small instructions and to see to it that the extra 10 stitches were "placed" in the waist area, not affecting the Small instructions for any of the gussett shaping. Am I making sense here? I guess what I am saying is that I would knit the Small, but cast on as for the Medium to increase the length only. I would appreciate your opinions and feedback on this.

    Many thanks,

    New Hanne design

    Have you seen it? There's a new Hanne pattern: Tivoli

    Sunday, February 26, 2006

    Mermaid Spreadsheet update

    I've updated the Mermaid spreadsheet to fix a few things I found during my knitting (I'm just past the center back, but I'll post that progress later). I also charted out the sleeves after a few requests from those of you who are ahead of me. Again, the usual warning that I have not knit it yet!

    If I sent you the Excel or PDF version in the past, I've sent you an update. If you didn't receive it, please e-mail me.

    If you're new to the group and would like a copy of the spreadsheet, send me an e-mail with the link above. I'll reply with a challenge question to verify that you own the pattern. When you answer that, I'll e-mail the spreadsheet in whichever format you prefer. Please note, I've only charted out size Medium.

    All Hail Amy...

    ... Goddess of the Spreadsheet!
    What an impressive 25 pages I just printed out, I can't thank you enough. It must have been an amazing amount of work!

    Saturday, February 25, 2006

    Hanne Kits galore

    Well, I've been bitten hard by the Hanne bug. I'm not quite done with the body of Mermaid and look what I have here to choose from....A Pagode, Lastrada and Promenade. Couldn't resist :-)

    Now I just have to finish Mermaid and decide which one to do next.

    Friday, February 24, 2006

    Can't wait...

    to start Mermaid! I was nervous about attempting it, but finding this blog made me feel like I could do it, with ya'll's help. My kit arrived (from Cucumberpatch online) in color 5 - black, grey-green & blue. I've read through the directions, and am trying to remain calm! As soon as I finish my Olympic Knitting (currently soaking before blocking) then I'm going to start.
    Thanks to everyone's inspiring posts & pics!

    Week 2 of Mermaid Knitting

    I haven't had a chance to update my blog yet with pictures of Mermaid, but I wanted to share this photo with you-all first.

    Week 2 of knitting Mermaid, and I'm still loving it! Of course, I don't know where I'd be without Amy's spreadsheet. I can't emphasize enough how helpful it is to have the knitting broken down into a row-by-row format.

    Last night I finished the back gusset. I think that makes me half finished with the body. It seems huge to me, but I keep reminding myself that it starts at the front and works around to the the other front. And by the way, I'm knitting the size medium.

    Hi, Everyone and...break it to me gently......

    Hi, Everyone!

    My name is Jeannine from Southern California and I'm really glad that I found this group. I LOVE the Hanne Falkenberg designs, but am very, very intimidated about even thinking about knitting one of her designs. With that said, I cannot stop thinking about it. I keep coming back to the website, doing searches for photos of finished pieces and I am obsessed. What I really want to know is: What level of knitter *should* one be to tackle a Hanne? I know anyone can try, but I am afraid of starting and being so overwhelmed, that I never finish it. How bad is it, really? I am not a beginner-beginner, but I am not advanced, either. Right in the middle. Also, I am loving the Diva design, but it seems like Mermaid is most popular. I probably should start the design that everyone else is making, then I can have lots of help. Hmmm......don't I sound obsessed?? I love all the posts and photos on this site. I am amazed at all the beautiful work here. It gives me a glimmer of hope that one day I, too, will have a Hanne on my back!

    Thursday, February 23, 2006

    I finished Ballerina!

    Ballerina in colourway 15 tomato-poppy-cyclamen-fuchsia. More photos here.

    Tuesday, February 21, 2006

    Hi! New Here

    First I need to thank Becky for all her help in getting me on the board, thank you Becky. And Amy for her incredible chart, thank you. Now I can get started! I'm doing Mermaid in colour 4. The apple green, turquoise and turquoise mix. I love this sweater and ordered the kit last fall but I was intimidated with it when it arrived. I was so glad to see this KAL. I'm a slow knitter though, so it will take me some time. Tonight I'm just going to read slowly through the pattern and get the gist of it. Nice to meet all of you!


    Sunday, February 19, 2006

    Studio sweater pattern


    I'm so excited. I ordered my first HF sweater kit, Studio-short in Lagoon and Sea Blue. Has anyone made this sweater before? I'm just curious as how the diagonal stripes are done. I'm thinking somehow it's knit diagonally.

    Once I get it and get started, I'll post some pictures.

    Saturday, February 18, 2006

    Tried it on!

    One of the vendors at Stitches West had a finished Mermaid in size large in the booth. I tried it on and am glad I'm making the medium. I'm also reassured that my gauge is good. The drape of the fabric is the same. I was a little worried after handling the sample of Diva which seemed to be a tighter fabric.

    More reports later.

    Thursday, February 16, 2006

    New Knitter Questions

    I am a beginning knitter, but never being afraid of a challenge, I am doing the Mermaid sweater. I saw it in a knitting store when I went to the store with a friend who is a knitter. It inspired me to finish a sweater I started 15 years ago and take on the Mermaid as my next project.

    I am at the point where the stripes start. I don't understand the directions for:
    Change to B: Pick up B inside and under A and place it on your finger.
    Change to A: Pick up A outside and over B and place it on your finger.

    Where is the inside and where is the outside?

    Thanks for all your help. Especially thanks to Amy for the spreadsheet. I started modifying it last night to work for the large size and several things make more sense now.


    Tuesday, February 14, 2006

    Mermaid progress and cast-on tip

    Here's what my Mermaid looks like now:

    Seeing as I'm just past the armhole, I have a tip for casting on those stitches...

    The pattern suggests you use a double strand on your thumb and a single strand on your index finger for a long-tail cast-on. I found a technique I liked a lot. I wound off a long piece of color C from the outside of the ball. I doubled it and tied a slip knot at the fold. I inserted this slip-knot between the last two stitches on my right needle. Then I used both tails from the slip knot on my thumb and the working yarn from the right needle on my index finger and cast on my stitches, remembering that my slip-knot was the first one. At the end, your working yarn is exactly where you want it to be to knit the RS row.

    Update: I also collected all of my notes and tips for this project together on my Project Notes page for it. Includes description (and sample image) of the spreadsheet, discussion of my i-cord experiments, and the new tip above so far.

    Halfway there

    Here's my picture of my progress so far. I'm really enjoying this pattern and having the excel sheet makes it a little easier to follow along with. Now that I've gotten the rhythm down I'm not having to use it so much for the pattern. Hoping to have the body done by early next week.

    Monday, February 13, 2006

    Substitute Yarns

    Thanks for all the suggestions on the substitute yarns. I was able to compare the Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift and the yarn from a Vivian Hoxbro kit at my LYS. The Jamiesons looks identical but feels slightly heavier. The Vivian Hoxbro felt and looked pretty much the same. Thanks for all the tips I will be able to make one in the colors of my choice when this one is finished. I am taking an Olympic knitting break from Mermaid. It was my original project but I couldn't wait till the opening ceremony to cast on. I am on the forst gusset beyond the back 1/2 way point. The next one will be much easier!

    Saturday, February 11, 2006

    Just joined

    I'm Marika, living in Sweden.
    Yesterday I started knitting Mermaid, in colorway 10, black/grey/cyclamen.
    I must be crazy, because it's my challenge for the Knitting Olympics.

    I got some really useful help from here, right at the start! I did NOT like way the I-cord looked when picking up stitches, and when I realized that the other side wouldn't look the same, I did the same as Amy, a provisional cast on.

    Thank you Amy for your pictures in your blog, they also helped me decide how to do the slip stitches. I have the pattern in danish and I couldn't quite understand how they should be made.

    Nothing to show yet, just 6 ridges of black.

    I'm off and running...

    Here's my Mermaid progress:

    I've since finished the 2nd gusset and am about to do the armhole stripes. The spreadsheet is working great. I'll be making a few updates to it soon. If I've sent it to you before, keep an eye on your e-mail.

    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    Hanne Yarn Substitutions

    I am seriously thinking about making another Mermaid. Do any of you know of a substitute yarn? I went to the Hanne website and it appears that the yarn is only sold in kits. I can buy yarn based on the gauge but have no idea how much to get. I know how many balls I got with my kit but didn't weigh the balls to even begin to figure the yardage. Anyone have thoughts?

    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    My Finished Mermaid!

    Mermaid Finished-02
    Mermaid is complete! This is in colourway 5: black / grey / kingfisher. And it turned out beautifully, although I had issues with the applied icord on the sleeves. Which were too long and need to be hemmed anyways, to account for my stubby little arms.

    More pics here. Best of luck to everyone else working on these fabulous patterns. I'm looking forward to seeing how some of the other kits work out so I can start thinking about my next Hanne project...

    Monday, February 06, 2006

    Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong

    Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong
    Due to personal reasons , I have a Mermaid kit for sale. It is Mermaid #10, slate gray, black and cyclamen. I also have a Skacel wood 3.0mm US#2 ,32" needle and a set of Plymouth wood DPN US 4, 8" needles. All needles are new which were bought for the kit.

    I will sell the kit and the needles for the price I paid plus shipping. The price of the kit is less than the price on ebay and the needles have the price marked.

    If anyone is interested, please email me efgoldblum@yahoo.com.

    I have approved this with Becky before posting. Thanks.

    Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong

    Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong
    Just a note to the other knitters who haven't made it to the center gusset on the back. It is not the same color as the gussets on the bottom of the sweater. I made a trip to the frog pond this weekend after not carefully reading the pattern and using the wrong color yarn.
    Holly in CT

    Sunday, February 05, 2006

    pagode beginnings

    I'm very impressed with you all knitting Mermaids. That appears to be one complex pattern, at least to me who is at a usually-knits-socks knitting skill level. I'm glad my project is Pagode, the mitered design with minimal shaping. I have cast on a gazillion stitches (actually 450 430 stitches) and have begun. It took me 30 minutes of steady knitting to knit one row. Gaack! At least it is pretty mindless knitting, all garter, decreases at the markers.

    More is posted on my blog here, including pictures of my gauge swatches (how exciting!) and a lovely addi turbo with only 1 and half rows knit in main color A (blue) barely visible

    Saturday, February 04, 2006

    Explorations with i-cord for Mermaid

    After all the discussions about the i-cord, I decided to give the different options a try and see what I liked best. In my book, Holly's suggestion of provisional cast-on followed by i-cord bind-off (especially when started at the collar and worked toward the hem) was the clear winner.

    I also did a little practice swatch of the collar and hem edge techniques to understand what is going on.

    There are photos of all of it and more commentary on my blog. click here.

    Friday, February 03, 2006


    My Mermaid is done! And it actually turned out fairly well - a first for me in the sweater-knitting arena.

    Pictures on my blog.

    Wednesday, February 01, 2006

    I-cord drama (and I do mean drama)

    Hey gals - I got gauge last night with the 3mm - hooray! - and was all excited to really get started today. So I started the I-cord on the train this morning and was having a b**ch of a time getting it to be nice and round and even like Hanne says, on those teeny little needles. So after a few cm or so, I got the hang of it, pulling the first stitch on the row tight and then tugging the whole thing down after each 'row'. So far so good. It's a little lumpy, but not too bad. It's just SLOW.

    So then a train ahead of mine hits and kills someone. No kidding. So I'm I-cording along there in the stopped train for aeons. 2 HOURS later, I'm at a measly 27 cm, not even halfway to the end of the bloody I-cord. And then... I pull to tighten my first stitch -- the same way I've been doing for 2 hours -- and the yarn breaks.

    So here's my dilemma: do I try to add a new strand and keep going, or start again? 2 hours seems like a lot to lose - but I know folks have frogged and restarted with a lot more effort already put in. So I guess I've answered my own question... grr...

    Any advice on making the I-cord-making less painful? Does mine look abnormally lumpy to you? Am I obsessing about completely minor details?