Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tried it on!

One of the vendors at Stitches West had a finished Mermaid in size large in the booth. I tried it on and am glad I'm making the medium. I'm also reassured that my gauge is good. The drape of the fabric is the same. I was a little worried after handling the sample of Diva which seemed to be a tighter fabric.

More reports later.


tenizmom said...

Lucky girl to go to SW. Did you take any classes? I went to Stitches Midwest this summer and took as many classes as possible and loved it.

amy! said...

I planned a vacation especially to come to Stitches. It was great to leave 2 feet of Boston snow for a long weekend of knitting in California. On my side was the fact that my best friend lives in San Fran, so lodging was free (and featured 7-month old kittens).

Yesterday I took an Entrelac class. Today I'll be taking a dropped stitches class.

I fly home late tonight, but I'll be making a long detailed post on my blog in a day or so. Look for it.

Lyn said...

I've just ordered the Mermaid kit, and have been following the discussion of sizing. What size would you equate the large you tired on to, 14-16 maybe?