Monday, February 27, 2006


Hi!! Shyly stepping up to say hello.

I bought my first-ever Hanne design from eBay. The Promenade shawl in colorway #5, I believe. I'm terrified, but excited. Of course, I have 2 things on the needles I have to finish, and a vest I've been promising my husband for... oh... coming on 2 years now that must be completed before I can begin. But then... off I go!!

Has anyone knit this pattern before and have any advice? I was surprised at how kind of bare-bones the pattern was. I think I'll have to do some re-writing and printing in color (all those symbols give me a headache,) so that it's easier to follow.

Are there errata anywhere, or are her patterns pretty spot-on?

Thanks everyone, all your mermaids are STUNNING and I am wanting to knit one... but I fell in love with Promenade at Stitches West and heard it calling my name...

Margo "Beanmama" in California


Jeannine said...

Congratulations! I am excited, too. I just purchased Mermaid online and am anxiously awaiting its arrival. I am trying to finish a sweater I am working on now, because I know that once Mermaid arrives, this project will be cast aside! Seeing the designs at Stitches West really did push me over the edge...I have wanted to purchase a Hanne kit, but never having seen a finished design, it was difficult. I loved seeing the designs made up. Now, I am hooked. I am just hoping that these instructions don't kill me. Can't wait to see yours!


strikkeforsker said...

Hanne Falkenberg is very thorough and the patterns are explained in (almost too much) detail. There will most likely not be any mistakes.