Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Tutti-Frutti #4

This sweater is the same colors as the other 3, just a different size. This one was knit in the smallest size Hanne offers. I hope she can wear it later this winter! Knit mainly in Dale of Norway Falk, but the black is almost the last of the black 3-ply Kroy I have on hand. I believe I had close to 3 pounds of it at one time! DH had wanted black, over the calf dress-socks. After 2 1/2 pairs, I called it quits, but still had all of that yarn on hand. I've used it in all 4 Tutti Fruttis, and many other projects.

Mommy wants a hat to go with this, but not Hanne's. I'll see what I can come up with. Maybe make one of Hanne's, just because, and then something else.

Just a bit big. grin

Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm working on the Mermaid. I am at the center of the back. I'm not sure how to do the edge stitches before the centre gusset of back in the rows that say "knit across all stitches" or the last row of the first centre gusset of back "K one row from WS across all stitches and work the yo from last ridge together with the next st. Do you do an edge stitch?


Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mermaid - up and running

Just wanted to publicly announce that, after 4 years of patiently waiting in my craft box, Mermaid is on the needles! I got the spreadsheet for the Medium size from Amy although after (too much) deliberation I have decided to knit the Small with a few minor changes. I needed spreadsheet initially to make sure I was on the right track but, having just finished the first arm gusset, I'm getting familiar with the pattern, even the short rows.
I've benefited from the information provided by all of you who have knitted Mermaid previously and am happy to share any info with you (apart from the spreadsheet, of course!) or answer any questions you might have about sizing, quantities of yarn and alterations. Hoping to keep my blog reasonably up to date (see the link to Tessa on the right hand side of the page).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Wanted: butterfly pattern

I want to knit butterfly but can't cope with Shetland wool which is what comes in the kit - does anyone have one to sell?
Many thanks in advance,

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pagode Finale

I thought I'd never see this post.

Pattern: Pagode by Hanne Falkenberg
Yarn: Hanne Falkenberg No. 2 Shetland
Needles: Size 3
Colorway: Khaki/Straw/Ivory/Blue green/Flax/Rust
Cost: $130 from Knitswap email list
Cast on: April 2007
Cast off: April 28, 2010
Progress posts: Enabled, cast on, first rip, why oh why did I knit two identical fronts, ripped again, Finale!

This was a spur of the moment purchase through an email list. It was half price and I was bored at work. But I truly love the yarn and the unique design. It's all done in garter stitch on size 3 needles. The fronts (plus half the sleeves till where the colors end in the picture) are done in two pieces, and back is one piece, sleeves are picked up from the edges after shoulders are seamed.

The project took three years to finish, partially because it's all garter stitch and becomes quite boring after awhile. But because of the simple garter stitches, I mostly kept it in the car, as something I worked on during long car trips. Because of the simple stitches and unique construction and pattern writing, one small slip in reading cost me quite a bit of trouble. There were three major rips, first I switched colors (ivory and wheat) in the first front, then I forgot the pocket on the second front; then once the second front was finished, it looked exactly the same as the first. I didn't have enough yarn to knit two more identical fronts (why would I want to do that anyway?), and couldn't just flip it over and use the back side. I had to rip out an entire finished front -- 386 stitches on the cast on edge.

But really, look at the finished product, it's all worth it.

Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am in the process of knitting the 3rd (and I hope final) Tutti-Frutti as adapted for my grandson. My DIL liked the first one so much she asked for a second for this year -- she said it was sophisticated. (who needs sophisticated for a 2 year old?) I knit the second one, and the gauge was off -- it will fit him next year. So, I have just a bit to finish on the sleeves and then #3 will be done, and I need to sew in the ends on #s 2 and 3. Sigh. Here is a picture of him last year at 1 year of age.
No bobbles, and 3 colors instead of the 2 HF calls for. But, it is really cute, and looked good on him. Black, white and red.
Can I say I'm tired of those 3 colors? The SAME 3 colors? But that is what she wanted, so that is what she got - in all 3 sweaters. I tried for something slightly different, she preferred this. She is a lovely DIL, but if it doesn't match her specifications it won't be worn.
I wish I'd finished the second one and the gauge had been correct. My heart lost steam when the gauge was off. Then my Dad died, and I lost impetus even more. Now I'm on track to finish and be DONE! Number 2 is sewn together, just need to sew in those blasted ends (and there are a lot of them.) Number 3 only needs about 2 more days of knitting on break and lunch then sewing in those ends.
Now, though, our DD is expecting a girl. Do I knit it again with 3 colors (but please, not the same ones!) or do I knit it as written with 2 colors? I don't think I'll add the bobbles as she doesn't like bobbles. But, it is a cute sweater for a child, easy over the head! Ideas? Thoughts? What colors would you use for a little girl, but not so girly that her daddy will freak out? (grin -- he was so sure she was going to be a boy that he is having issues. BIG grin!)
I recommend this pattern AAA+++!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Lascala #1 tragedy

Hello!  I am new to the knit along and hoped to post a picture and wonderful update of my current Hanne project, Lascala #1.  I have done a few Hanne projects in the past and just love them.  But this morning i've had a terrible tragedy and need some help.  You see, I have this dog.  When I leave the house I have to make sure that anything and everything that could possibly be chewed is put away and all doors to bedrooms are closed.  I had a busy morning getting the kids out the door to daycare and forgot to close the sliding door to our bathroom that also closes off the bedroom.  When I got home I found Hanne strewn all across the livingroom floor.  I want to cry.  What I already knit (almost half of the scarf) was unharmed but a WHOLE ball of yarn is ripped to shreds.  Gone.  Can't get it back.  Can I even get one ball of yarn from her? From anywhere?  I need the Chestnut color.  I want to cry.  This is not an inexpensive undertaking and I can hear my husband now "you should have closed the door".  Ya, I know.  DUH.  Any advice on where to find yarn would be appreciated.  I might just go sit in a corner and rock now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Lascala scarf

Here is my Lascala scarf. The kit included enough yarn to knit this long scarf.