Wednesday, August 30, 2006

La Strada

After finishing my Meramid I've got the strong feeling that I MUST knit one more Falkenberg design. So I started Lastrada. I'm using my own yarn selection: it is black baby-alpaca yarn and a variegated baby-curl yarn from FleeceArtist. It looks great and I'm not yet decided which side will be the "right" side - both sides look great. I will decide if the jacket has become bigger.
Thi cast-on row was a nightmare.... I had to cast on more than 360 stitches. I placed a marker after each 50 stitches to reduce the effort for counting and counting again and again.

We will start to a week vacation Saturday morning and I'm quite sure Lastrada will travel with us and I hope I will have plenty of knitting time. We will travel to Southern Europe to find some sunshine.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Da Capo al fine

Actually, Da Capo is one-third fine. I bought the kit in Norway, where Hanne Falkenberg kits and knitting yarn generally are the only items for sale that are less expensive than in the States! The shop in Bergen where I bought the kit has made-up samples of almost all of the various designs so I got to try them on to see what would be flattering and appropriate.
BTW, does anyone else find it curious that a pattern that starts at the bottom is named Da Capo?


Sunday, August 27, 2006

Left handed knitter and Hanne Falkenberg patterns

I am a left handed knitter (stitches move from right needle to left) and just purchased Dacapo #6. I would like to know if other left handed knitters rewrote the pattern ie. reading the rows backward, changing wyif to wyib, etc. or made any changes to knit Hanne Falkernberg patterns. Thanks for the help. Gail

Friday, August 25, 2006

Finished my Mermaid

I finished my Mermaid a couple of days ago but it is so hard to take a good picture of it. I have only a pic of middy quality without me.

I'm quite happy how the jacket came out:
Size is perfect, just the lenght could be 1" more - but I'm quite confident that the Mermaid will grow. I knitted with the number of stitches for size M and the numbers of rows from size L, sleeves 5 stitches shorter than size M.
Summarized to the kit I can say:
  • the material is of bad quality (related to the prize!)
  • the pattern is written quite lousy - I miss at least some numbers in the schematic drawing
  • Amy's sheet is great and helps a lot!
  • knitting was fun and thrilling (will the size come out correctly?!)
  • I learnt a lot - this i-cord edging is really great!
  • I will knit one more Mermaid, using sock yarn or Alpaca yarn.
And I have plenty of yarn left. If Somebody is in need of the leftovers just let me know, send me an email (black: more than 2oz, petrol 1.5 oz, grey0.8 oz).

In general I like the architectonical knitting style of Hanne Falkenberg. I already knitted a baby sweater this week (comparable to "Ludo"), no pic from this because it wasn't enough yarn and I had to rib it. One of my next projects will be a "Ludo" for me knitted from a wonderful Fleece Artist yarn combined with Alpaca yarn.... this will be a lieghtweight, soft dream.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pagode problem-already. :(

This is my first Hanne Falkenberg sweater. I consider myself to be an experienced knitter but I've barely begun and I'm already stuck.

I've cast on my 402 stitches for a medium sweater (that took a couple of trys...apparently I can't count) and managed to produce my 9 ridges with decrease and have ended up with 370 stitches just like the pattern says. So far so good.

I don't understand what's next...the pattern says "work until first 2 rows of 1 ridge of colour a have been completed (see diagram)." Am I supposed to do another 2 rows or am I suppose to start the color diagram which should be color E?

The pattern also says "continue dec in corners and at the same time shape underarm seam." The little star is quite a way up the chart from where I am now. I assume that I'm supposed to carry on and start the underarm when I get to that row on the chart...right?

thanks in advance for any words of wisdom you can send my way....(encouragement would also be gratefully accepted)

Jessica in Sunny Southern California

Ballerina ...begins

Hi, I'm almost done with the first front of my Ballerina and have a question about swatches on 3.25 and 3.00 mm needles yielded 26.5 and 27 sts over 10cms. I decided to use the 3.25 needles and knit the M/L size (the larger of the 2 in HF's instructions). My guage is now 25.5 sts so I must have loosened up since doing the swatches....I now wear a size 16 jacket, but hope to get back to a size 14 soon.... Question for anyone who's completed this sweater...did you knit to guage? and how was the final fit compared to HF's schematic? I'll continue on the 3.25 needles and hope the jacket fits in the end...Thx!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

New Member Knitting Ballerina

Hi, everyone - I am new to this KAL and am ready to start knitting Hanne's Ballerina in color 13. After reading through the pattern, I immediately see the benefit of having a spreadsheet for Ballerina. Before I begin re-inventing the wheel by starting my own spreadsheet, do any of you other Ballerina knitters have a spreadsheet that you would be willing to share?

New knitalong member

Hello, I am a very new knitalong participant, and a new knitter (actually I'm on my second try at knitting so I have knitted in the past but not for some years after having a stroke so it's like being a first time knitter again!) So why begin with a Hanne Falkenberg project since they are not the easiest of designs..... well I need to be interested enough to keep going and I love her style. I have so far begun Stella, a beret style hat, which itself looks complicated enough and my plan is to make that then progress to the Mermaid and Pygmalian jackets. I have been following all the posts about the Mermaid Has anyone made the Pygmalian jacket, is it knitted Domino style ? Your mermaid jackets all look wonderful, I love seeing the different colours and how the knitters look modelling them. I've begun a blog to record my venture into knitting and hope to post pictures of my work as it develops.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Mermaid is finished

I am really happy with it and have enjoyed the knitting very much. Especially because of Amy's spreadsheet, thank you very much for sharing, Amy.

I made size M, the sleeves made without the last 10 stitches and it fits well.
I started with a provisionel cast on
and knitted the I-cord on afterwards.

I have rather a lot of yarn left: A 74 g, B 20 g and C 38 g. At the yarn shop
where I bought the kit, they said that yarn from Pulsen Design Tweed 300 could be used together with the yarn from Falkenberg. So perhaps I could knit something special. Maybe one of you have an idea what to do with what's left??

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Mermaid No. 5

I'm new to the knitting community of Hanne Falkenberg fellows - hello to the knitters from Germany!
I've fallen in love immediately when I've seen "Mermaid" for the first time. I've got a mermaid kit as a birthday present from my husband, he decided the colourway 5 would be the best for me. And I'm really happy with this.
Well. I started with gauge. Several swatches. And finally I realized I will not meet the recommended gauge with no changes in needle size. I have more rows to 4" instead of the necessary 50 I have about 55. What to do? I started calculating a lot and figured out that it might be the possible to knit the stitches for size M and to follow the rows for size L. I think the pattern is written really lousy. It is not easy to follow and I'm think of me to be kind of an experienced knitter.... For my calculating it was hard that there're no measures attached to the cutaway. I can't thank enough Amy for this great spreadsheet to follow the knitting.
Well, than I decided to give my newly calculated pattern a try and started. I hate to knit long i-cords. So I decided to use the great tool I have for this. It is called "knitting mill" in German if anybody is interested in more details about this just send me a short mail (angela[at]bestrickendes[dot]de). The i-dord you can produce with this tool within minutes is nicely and stitches are all of the same size.
I had a bit trouble with the black yarn. It was such thin sometimes that it has broken a couple of times.
Well, summarized: I'm really happy with my Mermaid and hopefuly it will fit.... And I'm almost done with the body part of the jacket. I'm afraid that knitting the sleeves will be more boring and will take more time at all.Mermaid is definitely not easy to knit but it's a pleasure!