Saturday, August 19, 2006

My Mermaid is finished

I am really happy with it and have enjoyed the knitting very much. Especially because of Amy's spreadsheet, thank you very much for sharing, Amy.

I made size M, the sleeves made without the last 10 stitches and it fits well.
I started with a provisionel cast on
and knitted the I-cord on afterwards.

I have rather a lot of yarn left: A 74 g, B 20 g and C 38 g. At the yarn shop
where I bought the kit, they said that yarn from Pulsen Design Tweed 300 could be used together with the yarn from Falkenberg. So perhaps I could knit something special. Maybe one of you have an idea what to do with what's left??


Meredith said...

Great job! I am making one in the same colors.

strikkeforsker said...

beautiful mermaid.

d-c said...

congratulations! that is soo beautiful. That's a great colorway
and it fits you great too!

Becky said...

It looks great and really fits you well! Congrats!!

Do you want to make another sweater or are you more interested in accesories? It would be fun to make some accesories to go with you jacket - maybe a felted bag or something?

Not An Artist said...

Beautiful, it looks like an absolutely perfect fit on you. Congratulations!

tammy said...

So pretty! It looks lovely on you, well done.

trudefaith said...

beautiful job! and it fits so nice.

Merete said...

Thanks for alle the compliments. Good idea, Becky, to make a felted bag of the remains