Monday, June 26, 2006

Mermaid Done!

I finished the mermaid jacket over the weekend and have to say I'm quite pleased with it. Its a little loose for the medium size, I think next time I make this jacket I will probably go with the small size instead. Next time I also will be doing the provisional cast on for the icord edge and knit it on afterwards. I had a little bit of pulling but was able to block it out okay. I've put more pictures up on my blog in the mermaid album.

I cast on for the Promenade Shawl, color way 6, I've only just begun it so there's no WIP picture just yet, but here's the stock photo for it. Hanne kits are just addictive I guess!

Progress post and thanks

Hi, all! I've been following this knitalong for quite a while, and I appreciate everyone posting about the problems they've had. I used a provisional cast-on to avoid being surprised by the "my i-cord is too short" problem later on in the process (especially in blocking!). The directions aren't unclear, but aren't well-written, so I'm avoiding anything irrevocable like cutting yarn until I finish. I found it interesting how the small size is proportionally more shapely than the medium size. As I read the directions, I've noticed that in most places, the small size has as much shaping as the medium, though it's not as large.

Anyway, this isn't a quick knit, but it's a lot easier than I expected, so it's been very relaxing.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Great News

Look - My Ballerina is blocking and she's almost done.

I am so glad that I did it this way. Now that I have blocked her I can see that I only need a neat little edging on the cuff of about 5 ridges. If I had followed the pattern to the letter and done 13 ridges - it would have been waaaaaay too long. So thank you ladies for your input. I can't wait to get this baby finished and handed over to my Mum - I hope she really likes it, this has been a cathartic knit for me. I started it when I moved to Oman - knitted it whilst I was pregnant - knitted it after I lost my twins at 15 weeks and it has really seen me through my emotional and physical recovery. I means a lot to me and so I hope it means a lot to my Mum and it is something she will wear and think of me.

I'll try to post a picture of my Mum wearing it if I can get her to pose in it for long enough !

Thanks again ladies - you have all been of great help to me.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Started my Mermaid

I got my kit a couple of weeks ago but had to finish another project. A "Twisted Sister" pattern that looks very suspiciously similar Hanne's DACAPO Actually not really similar but it looks exactly like but what do I know.Either way I love the pattern and have knitted it a couple of times, this one is rayon/cotton/wool mix light weight for the cool summer evenings.

At last I can start my Mermaid, I got it from CucumberPatch and the colors are #2 Spring Green/Disty Green/Green Lovat

First off the colors look totally different in person than on my computer or for that matter the color photograph they sent me in the kit. I happen to like green and I'm not that fussy about shades of green so I'm pleased. The second problem I had was trying to figure out which ball was which green, they are very close. I may be a little slow but just a little tiny label telling me which ball is called Dusty Green vs. Green Lovat or Spring Green would have helped. But I guess I managed to figure it out.

Then the iCord! Shish! First I thought I would knit it on my machine which is the easiest way, nope the gauge was just not right, then I tried my hand held gadget "Embellish Knit" which is great but the gauge was just not right on this one either. Then I bit the bullet and knitted it by hand, the pattern tells me to use a half size larger needle, so I did size 3 1/2 but the gauge was just not right on that one either so far this is the third iCord and picking up 181 sts.

I did a gauge each time on a few rows but that just did not give me the true gauge it looked right 20 or so rows but when I did the 181 sts it puckered. Fourth try was the charmer, I used size 5 dp needles and hand knitted all 181 or so rows of iCord and picked up the 181 sts! At last the right gauge no puckering looks nice and straight.

Then I had to make peace with the "wrong side" front. I guess she had to decide where to make the wrong side up by the neck or down at the bottom. I am now at peace with this it took a bit of getting used to but you really can't tell.

So far so good, the pattern seems a bit easier than the first Hanne Falkenberg project the Ballerina I knit a few months ago. The instructions seem to be a little better or maybe I have experience with her style of pattern writing. I will post the progress.

I can tell I will love this sweater......

So I'm knitting along and the piece is getting bigger and bigger, resting in my guessed it ... it's HOT....wool's the first day of summer and it is warm. I can't knit a wool sweater in this heat! So I decided to make a cottom version, no stripes just the shape..I call it "the Parrot" because of the colors.

All cotton in this lovely rusty multi color. The gauge is about the same as the Hanne wool but it's cotton and light weight. This is a great knit! I love knitting it especially skipping the stripes. I think I'm only going to make a vest, no sleeves, I'll post pictures as I progress....

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hanne Hindenburg?

Well after a two week delay, I've finished the body. The delay came when I ran out of red yarn because I've been knitting with the wrong colors. Jennie was kind enough to point that out to me. However, I very much like the color combination I accidently invented. I'm more a red than a pink person. So, I had to figure out how to get more yarn. I know that this is Shetland yarn, and I know from Ana that HF does not sell extra yarn, so I went to Schoolhouse Press which sells Shetland in the same weight. I ordered two each of several reds, and one was pretty dang close.
I also decided that I don't care for the knitted-into i-cord on one side, so I cut out the beginning, and did an i-cord bind off all around the collar after I sewed it together. I sewed this thing up by hand, and I didn't care for it, so I ran it through my sewing machine, and I'm happy. The ridges match up well. If I were to do this again (which I will for what this pattern cost me!) I would knit the body beginning in the first few color ridges, sew it up, and then knit the entire collar on to avoid the seam on the neck. All in all, save the two weeks I stopped breathing, I've enjoyed this project.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong

Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong
well, i have finely got up the nerve to start my mermaid. after finishing a few other things i had on the needles, its time to take the plundge.thank you amy for the spread sheet its what i needed to really get me going. wish me luck
happy knitting

Amy's spreadsheet....

Amy your spreadsheet for the Mermaid is Brilliant! Thank you for sharing it with us. I only wish I had one for the Ballerina when I was knitting it. The version I wrote out is nowhere near what you did for the Mermaid. I think all patterns should be done in a spreadsheet it makes following directions so easy.

Thanks again.

Friday, June 16, 2006

Blocking my Ballerina

I thought I'd ask a little bit of adivce from you ladies. I have nearly finished my Ballerina now and am getting ready to block her. I was wondering - do you think I should block her first and then do the cuffs or should I do the cuffs first and then block her - I'm a little worried that if I knit the cuffs first and then block her the sleeves will end up too long as I won't know how much she will grow and therefore what the finished sleeve length should be before blocking - am I making sense ?! I don't want the sleeves to be way too long, so should I block her and then add the cuffs and hope they don't grow too much after knitting ? What do you think.


Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Return of mermaid

I've finally been able to return to working on my mermaid. I finished the first sleeve over the weekend. Decided not to do the knitted together seem, I actually prefer doing the backstitch seam, just seems a little firmer to me. Will do the I-cord once I have them both done to make sure gauge doesn't change on me in between sleeves.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong

Hanne Falkenberg Knitalong
Woo!!! woo!!! I am finished with the Mermaid. Too late to wear it in CT this season but it gives me something to look forward to this fall! thanks to amy's spread sheet I has few problems completing the project and it seemed to go fasted than I expected. I will post a picture when my son returns from China with the digital camera. I have to say this is the first sweater my family has loved and oohed over. A friend wants me to make he one but I have Pagode in my next to knit list. Has anyone on this list made Pagode yet? I am in he middle of a Twisted Sister's pattern in cotton (mitered stripes) and the cotton is killing my hands. I hope to get it finished soon so I can begin the Pagode.

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Half a Mermaid sleeve

Thanks for all your help with the sleeves. I decided to start with 92 stitches (size M) instead of 102.

Now I am halfway through the first sleeve and I think it's going to work fine.

By the way, I started with a provisional cast on, good description at Knitty, then I easily can knit it together.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ballerina Pattern Question

Hi there - I wonder if anyone can help me - I am currently knitting Ballerina and I am on the last front triangle - however I have a slight problem in that I have a water stain in a vital bit of the pattern. So the pattern goes:

Right Front Triangle in Col A: Dec 1 st every 6th ridge 10 times. Cont edge sts
Ridge 1: K5, TURN, yo, k to end of row.
Ridge 2: k to previous yo, k yo tog with the follosing st, K1, TURN, yo, work to end of row.
Rep ridge 2 until last ridge from RS ends. K yo tog with the foll row, ????? end of row. Knit 1 last row from WS.

Can anyone fill in the ???? for me ? I'm so close to finishing this puppy - I'd love to get it done as soon as I can. I guess I could make it up, but I'd really like to get it right.

If anyone could help me I'd be very grateful indeed. Many thanks in advance.

Becky x