Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hanne Hindenburg?

Well after a two week delay, I've finished the body. The delay came when I ran out of red yarn because I've been knitting with the wrong colors. Jennie was kind enough to point that out to me. However, I very much like the color combination I accidently invented. I'm more a red than a pink person. So, I had to figure out how to get more yarn. I know that this is Shetland yarn, and I know from Ana that HF does not sell extra yarn, so I went to Schoolhouse Press which sells Shetland in the same weight. I ordered two each of several reds, and one was pretty dang close.
I also decided that I don't care for the knitted-into i-cord on one side, so I cut out the beginning, and did an i-cord bind off all around the collar after I sewed it together. I sewed this thing up by hand, and I didn't care for it, so I ran it through my sewing machine, and I'm happy. The ridges match up well. If I were to do this again (which I will for what this pattern cost me!) I would knit the body beginning in the first few color ridges, sew it up, and then knit the entire collar on to avoid the seam on the neck. All in all, save the two weeks I stopped breathing, I've enjoyed this project.


sherry said...

Frances, that is very pretty!!! thanks for sharing your experience and what you would/will do in the future w/it.

Becky said...

I love the "new" colorway you invented. How lucky that you managed to find similar enough yarn! Keep up the good work - can't wait to see it finally finished!

Ellen said...

I love your colors and I love your idea about the I-cord. When and if I get ready to do my second one, I'm going to use your method!!Great going!

Ana said...

Frances the reds look just great! I too was confused at first with which color was which...but all is well that ends well.

It sounds like you were resourceful and solved the problem. Way to go.