Sunday, February 05, 2006

pagode beginnings

I'm very impressed with you all knitting Mermaids. That appears to be one complex pattern, at least to me who is at a usually-knits-socks knitting skill level. I'm glad my project is Pagode, the mitered design with minimal shaping. I have cast on a gazillion stitches (actually 450 430 stitches) and have begun. It took me 30 minutes of steady knitting to knit one row. Gaack! At least it is pretty mindless knitting, all garter, decreases at the markers.

More is posted on my blog here, including pictures of my gauge swatches (how exciting!) and a lovely addi turbo with only 1 and half rows knit in main color A (blue) barely visible


Maus said...

Nice beginning :) How long is the needle that you use? I tried to comment on your blog, but it prompts me to login, and I only have my login for my own wordpress account which doesn't seem to be allowed on yours, not sure how to remedy that. Where did our sidebar go here??

trish said...

I'm using the recommended 32" (80 cm) needle, but it is pretty tight having 430 (XL size) on it, so a bit longer might have been better. However, the stitch count decreases every other row so it can only get better!

I require people to 'register' to comment on my blog, as I have had bad experiences with spammers leaving comments. Here's a link to the post where I explained how to register and get a password so you can log in.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my photos. I now have about 1" done.

I think the sidebar moves down to the bottom if you are viewing in Internet still looks fine using Firefox browser.