Thursday, February 16, 2006

New Knitter Questions

I am a beginning knitter, but never being afraid of a challenge, I am doing the Mermaid sweater. I saw it in a knitting store when I went to the store with a friend who is a knitter. It inspired me to finish a sweater I started 15 years ago and take on the Mermaid as my next project.

I am at the point where the stripes start. I don't understand the directions for:
Change to B: Pick up B inside and under A and place it on your finger.
Change to A: Pick up A outside and over B and place it on your finger.

Where is the inside and where is the outside?

Thanks for all your help. Especially thanks to Amy for the spreadsheet. I started modifying it last night to work for the large size and several things make more sense now.


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amy! said...

The inside/outside bit refers to which way you wind the two balls of yarn around each other. You want Color A to be dominant. Grab two balls of scarp yarn and try it out. You'll understand pretty quick.