Saturday, August 11, 2007


I´ve been asked to post a picture of my Tweedie - so here it is. I knitted it during my summer holiday this year. It took me 3½ week to finish. It was fun knitting it, but it was difficult to keep the different colors apart, as I was knitting. Sometimes it just messed up. First you knit one row in color a, then you push the work to the back and knit one more row from the same side with a new color. And again once more. Then you turn your work and knit one row with all three colors.
This Tweedie is not made in the original yarn.
As you can see at the picture, I have a small yarn store at home.


...e... said...

what are the dimensions the beautiful thing? specifically the length? i'm always stopped by the worry that it won't be long enough (i need 30 inches in length.) so far ballerina and pagode have worked for me, and i think pygmalion would, although it's hard to find...i wouldn't have thought tweedie long enough, though.

Annie said...

It's gorgeous- thanks for the picture. I can't believe you finished it in 3 1/2 weeks! It seems like you have to knit three rows for every one? So, three times the knitting?

Elaine said...

It is lovely. What yarn did you use? What was the guage? Was it a fingering weight (28/4")?