Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Woohooo..when I got home today...I checked my email, the vendor where I purchased the mermaid kit emailed me back and advised that she had mailed me the pattern...cant wait!!

So thankful!!

Thanks for letting me join.

I am doing the mermaid sweater or I will be once I hopefully get my pattern replace. This was the 2nd try at the sweater. I was recently on my way to my Mom's to show her the progress on my Son's sweater so I packed up my knitting bag and my binder...got to my Mom's and only took the bag in. Had a very nice visit with my Mom...went to leave....and OMG my car had been stolen along with my knitting binder. I am sure the binder is not what they wanted but that was one of my first thoughts....OMG I will never be able to replace the patterns that I had in that binder......the car can be replace but MY BINDER!!! So I have contacted the vendor that sold the kit to me and hopefully I will get a response...I need to get the pattern replaced so I can continue this sweater...so keep your fingers crossed for me!!


Knitalong moderator note: All, please remember that the Hannealong is not the appropriate site to give anyone a pattern. Although I'm sure we sympathize with the situation of many who need/want a copy of the pattern without the kit for whatever reason, whether it's a story such as the above or allergies to wool or anything else, unfortunately we cannot allow that here for legal reasons. I have advised Krista to contact her vendor as they will have proof of her purchase. Thanks for keeping the Hannealong legal so that it may continue to be a resource to many!

Friday, March 07, 2008

Ready to seam my Mermaid

I am about ready to start seaming my Mermaid and I need some help. I have googled the Internet, gone through my books and DVD's but cannot find any information on how to seam garter stitch that was knit vertically (ie, the Mermaid sleeves). How did the rest of you seam the sleeves? I know that some did a three needle bind off rather than binding off the edges but I didn't.