Friday, March 13, 2009

Hi! Thanks for letting me join in your KAL. I have just recently freed Mermaid from exile island and am ready to tackle the second half of the body. I was discouraged by the instructions that read to just reverse the instructions for the second half. And if that wasn't bad enough, I also just purchased the Diva kit (forgetting how disillusioned I am by the instructions!). It's a good thing that I love the designs.

Tina in Houston


nancy said...

Hi Tina, Glad to see you are persevering with the Mermaid. I would ove to begin but have been unable to get a response from Amy about the Spreadsheet. Do you know if it is still available? You have the lates comment I could find on the jacket, although my computer skills have nuch to be desired. Hope to hear from you. nancy

Anonymous said...

Why don't you check with the moderator and find out whether it is OK for someone with the spreadsheets (other than Amy) can send it to you. If so, I can send it along. I did Mermaid without the spreadsheet, by the way, because I couldn't stand waiting, and it was not bad. The "reverse instructions" was sort of an outrage as was discussed by many on this KAL (given the price being paid for the kits, you'd think a better instructions could be included).

Incidentally, I found a mistake on Gloria (English) and wrote to Ms Falkenberg asking. She said that I was indeed correct but that it was correct in the Danish and German instructions (like a lot of good that does).

I also suggested to her that she put intended measurements on the schematic since so many of the patterns are done in interesting directions and so it is difficult to figure out what the intended width of the garment should be at various points. Even a slight difference from the gauge can translate into a substantial difference in the overall garment when you have hundreds of stitches on the needle at one time. I thought that would be very helpful. She responded that it would be too much work for her to do that.

But she did respond!

Becky said...

Unfortunately, our knitalong is not at all affiliated with Amy's spreadsheets, so I do not have the authority to say you may share them. My advice would be to follow the advice she posted on her website and on the spreadsheets - she had a system in place and I think was pretty clear that the spreadsheets shouldn't be forwarded on. Sorry y'all - I know it's frustrating.

Froding said...

Have solved the problem with the sleeve-ridges? I cant figure out how many ridges I shall knit, I have 54 ridges and the pattern tells me to knit until I have 51 ridges. What is right? Could anyone read the lines in the pattern in englísh for me??
Regards Marianne