Wednesday, June 17, 2009

HF Plissé

Thanks for letting me join the KAL! Is anyone still working on Plissé? I started a year ago and gave up, but now I'm game again and I'm working on the front. I'm hoping to find a spreadsheet, because I'm working in the chocolate and can't see a thing! If not, I guess I will have to graph it myself, but I sure hope not to have to reinvent the wheel.


GrannyPurple said...

I have just started the pleated section, have done the second increase. It amazes me how well this pattern is engineered. The pattern stitch is easy to memorize, and the short rows are ingenious for the front shaping. Really, just follow the directions line by line, and then they make sense when you've done it a couple of times. Sometimes she leaves out crucial numbers, as in the relation of stitches to pick up to the ones they're being picked up from, but mostly, it's one on one. Her short row wrapping is invisible.
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The instructions are difficult to read and are written in awful language. Are you having a problem fiquring out these instructions? Also, I think there is an error on side 3,Right Part of Back. It list LEFT FRONT/should be RIGHT FRONT. I could not find any information about corrections. I have e-mail them and can only hope that they get back to me. Even though her patterns are beautiful,I will never buy again.
Lots of Luck!!