Sunday, February 28, 2010


I am in the process of knitting the 3rd (and I hope final) Tutti-Frutti as adapted for my grandson. My DIL liked the first one so much she asked for a second for this year -- she said it was sophisticated. (who needs sophisticated for a 2 year old?) I knit the second one, and the gauge was off -- it will fit him next year. So, I have just a bit to finish on the sleeves and then #3 will be done, and I need to sew in the ends on #s 2 and 3. Sigh. Here is a picture of him last year at 1 year of age.
No bobbles, and 3 colors instead of the 2 HF calls for. But, it is really cute, and looked good on him. Black, white and red.
Can I say I'm tired of those 3 colors? The SAME 3 colors? But that is what she wanted, so that is what she got - in all 3 sweaters. I tried for something slightly different, she preferred this. She is a lovely DIL, but if it doesn't match her specifications it won't be worn.
I wish I'd finished the second one and the gauge had been correct. My heart lost steam when the gauge was off. Then my Dad died, and I lost impetus even more. Now I'm on track to finish and be DONE! Number 2 is sewn together, just need to sew in those blasted ends (and there are a lot of them.) Number 3 only needs about 2 more days of knitting on break and lunch then sewing in those ends.
Now, though, our DD is expecting a girl. Do I knit it again with 3 colors (but please, not the same ones!) or do I knit it as written with 2 colors? I don't think I'll add the bobbles as she doesn't like bobbles. But, it is a cute sweater for a child, easy over the head! Ideas? Thoughts? What colors would you use for a little girl, but not so girly that her daddy will freak out? (grin -- he was so sure she was going to be a boy that he is having issues. BIG grin!)
I recommend this pattern AAA+++!


lookinout said...

It's very sharp looking. I really like it. For a girl, what about lime green and the blue that shows up on/around these comments posts?

Holly said...

That is terrific. It is even tempting me now!

Deah said...

This is a very stylish sweater and it looks comfortable. Great job as always!

Denise/CT said...
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