Friday, July 15, 2011

Finally finished

In two weeks I will be going to Quilting by the Lake near Syracuse, NY to take two classes from Gail Garber.  I decided to send two quilts for inclusion in the quilt show that accompanies the session.  The quilts are not judged, which is fine with me.  But it's fun to see quilts that the attendees have sent, as well as quilts from the instructors.  Thus, I had an impetus to finish them.

The first one was made using lessons from the class I took at QBL last year from Sue Benner.  The class was fantastic and she's a wonderful teacher.  I love the brightness of this quilt.

The second is the result of a mini-workshop with a friend.  I mentioned this in an earlier post--we both worked on our own pieces.  

Actually the photos are reversed and I have no idea how to switch them.  But there they are...

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