Saturday, May 27, 2006

Mermaid Progress

I am loving this project! I wish I could work on it every day, I think I'd have it done in a week if I had a week to work. I thought I'd get bored with the endless garter stitch, but I've just enjoyed working through the pattern and watching the texture appear on my needles.


bronwyn said...

Hi Frances, Your Mermaid looks great. I am up to the exact same row at 11.30pm last night and feel addicted to it too - just want to keep knitting. I'm using Amy's spreadsheet (absolutely fantastic -makes it a breeze!) in the size Medium on 3mm needles but my gauge is a little tighter 27sts x 54rows which is fine to size it down to a small. I seem to have a lot of yarn left given I've passed the halfway mark. I'm knitting colourway 1 and have only started ball 2 of ivory, getting towards end of ball 1 (of 2)of sandmix for stripes, have about 1/3 of ball 1 (of 2 ) of Dove (blue)used for gussets. How is your yarn supply going? Also would be interested in the garment measurements so far to compare.

Many thanks - I'll think you'll get to the finish line first - I promised to knit up a Debbie Bliss Jacket for my mother before the end of June!

Not An Artist said...

Wow, I just love those colours! Your progress is looking spectacular...

Jennie said...

Take a look at HF´s homepage
I think that you may? have been knitting with the darkest red, where you are supposed to knit with the coral ???

I´m not sure... but mabye?


HPNY Knits said...

it may seem slow to you, but it seems super fast to me!!! its looking great.