Monday, May 08, 2006

Mermaid SOS!!!


I've been lurking reading and looking at all the beautiful Hanne's out there. I'm nearly done with the body of my Mermaid - I think it's number 10 - it's black and grey with the cyclamen gussets. Everyone I show it to is pretty impressed. The problem is I must have shown it one too many times and LOST my pattern!!! I've called everyone I know to see if I dropped it in their car, at their house, etc...

Anyway, I obviously am in need of some help here before I just wind up breaking down and buying a second kit for the last page of the instructions.

I can post a picture - probably in a week or more - I'm going out of town tomorrow - if you need proof that I really bought this thing. Could someone pretty please find it in their heart to send me just the first part with the collar shaping as well as the I-cord attachment and the entire sleeve instructions as the end? I've been working on this thing since January - actually started the day my mother died in frigid Wisconsin as therapy.

As we all know knitting is the best therapy and I couldn't continue the project I'd been doing at the time which was actually the felted clogs that I was making for her upcoming birthday. Yeah - as I packed to rush to the hospital I found the first clog and knew she'd never wear them. So, I threw the Mermaid in the suitcase since I'd no idea how long I'd be there.

OK, OK, this is getting too maudlin. I just hope someone out there will take pity on me and send me a partial copy which I promise to not share or sell to anyone, anywhere.

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Ana said...

This very same thing happened to me. I showed my Hanne to so many people that I totally lost the pattern. I just wrote back to the place I purchased it and they were very kind and sent me a replacement.

Just eMail or call the place you bought it.

Docbeccy said...

Good idea - I'll give it a try. I'd just heard so often that they don't sell extra yarn I figured they wouldn't send me an extra pattern for fear someone would make the item without buying the yarn. I'll let you know if it works.

Ana said...

They would not sell be extra yarn but they had a record of my purchase and were willing to send me a copy of the pattern. I really appreciated it and they got me as a customer, I will purchase from them again.

Now to decide which one to make, they are all so beautiful.

Docbeccy said...

Well I contacted my seller a few days ago and so far no response. I'm getting pretty desperate.