Monday, July 10, 2006

One-Armed Hanne

One sleeve done. I really hate knitting sleeves. I will admit that in the past with most garments I've knitted the sleeves first so as to avoid this dreaded part. Once I sat down to do this, it actually went pretty quickly. I'd put off beginning a sleeve and knitted 1.7 blankets while the Mermaid languished. You can see in the right of the picture the remaining Rowan Denim that's part of the log cabin blanket I've almost finished. It's been nice to go back and forth between size 2 needles and size 8s!


daniella said...

yay! it looks like you got the exact color you needed? it looks
wonderful. And my sleeves usually
take longer than the body- I HATE
sleeves too. Keep up the good work!

Ana said...

Coming along very nicely. I love the colors!
I know what you mean by sleeves, I too sometimes get very impatient with sleeves they do seem to drag on.

Reluctant Penguin said...

I like your idea of doing the sleeves first – you always think there are "just the sleeves" left to do, but in fact they are generally about 1/3 of the total yardage of the sweater and seem to take forever. I wish I liked wearing vests!